Hanson, “You can count the good guys on one hand.”

Once again we see the treachery of our parliamentarians as they uphold the absurd claims of a minority that seeks to place a stranglehold on as much as 80% of Australia. It is a sorry state of affairs that there were only five sensible representatives of the people of this country who had the honesty and guts to stand in the way of those who continue to divide Australia.

With less than 2% of the population considered to be qualified to make native title claims, it is racial discrimination, indeed an act of apartheid, to alienate the other 98% of the population. I have said from the very start that I want all Australians to be treated equally and not on the basis of race but the government and opposition have worked tirelessly to entrench division in Australian and it is these policies I will continue to fight.

Australians have a lot to fear from their parliamentary representatives. The Liberals and their opposition are so closely aligned in policy direction that neither offer any real alternative to the other, while the Nationals, with a few exceptions, are simply the lackeys of the Liberals. The self seeking personal career minded activities of most of these charlatans is slowly being exposed, though the process may be too slow to reverse the damage they have caused.

Last night’s vote on native title was an example of both the intimidation of the Liberal/Labor party politics and the unrepresentative nature of many politicians. First there are those who do not agree with the concept of native title but are bullied by their party into being silent, then we have the others who see themselves as elite and above the ordinary Australian and therefore make decisions for the Australians like a parent would for a child.

Until the next election gives the Australian people the chance to vote for the real alternative of One Nation, we will have to contend with the fact that in the Federal Parliament, you can count the good guys on one hand.

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