Hanson, “Stott Despoja wrong again”.

When Senator Stott Despoja says she wants the first President or Head of Australia to be a woman because this would symbolise we are a nation committed to equality, she is wrong again.

Stott Despoja must understand that first and foremost what makes us equal is that we are all human beings. After that, we are either men or women, different colours, different religions and many different cultures, but it is all these differences that, when highlighted, divide us.

When it comes to doing a job it should not matter what sex you are, what colour you are, or what religion you are, the only thing that matters is who will do the job best.

When Stott Despoja says she wants the first President or Head of State to be a woman, it is in fact her, who by raising this, creates a situation of inequality.

As a woman, I have never felt unequal to men, and mostly a person is what they believe themselves to be. I am offended by women like Natasha Stott Despoja who’s words and actions belittle and patronise women by promoting them purely based on gender not merit.

The irony of Stott Despoja’s comment is that if we are to become a republic we will actually lose our nominal head of state who as it happens is a woman - I speak of course of the Queen.

If Senator Stott Despoja has any thoughts of one day being our Head of State, I would recommend that she spends some time in a real job in the real world, and educate herself in what really matters and that is how things really are and what people really think.

To be equal we must all learn to get along by looking at the positive things we have in common. If not even men and women can see each other as equals, then what hope do we have with all the other differences that are continually used to divide the community.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley

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