Hanson, “Australia must act on war crimes allegations”

20th August 1997

“The story of Konrad Kalejs must be horrifying for anyone who lived through World War 2. Allegations against this man are serious in the extreme and it is incumbent on the Australian government to immediately act so that justice may be served.

Australia is now the home of many who survived the death camps and torture of World War 2. Those who came here after the war suffered in ways that we could barely imagine. Whole families disappeared without trace and anyone involved must be brought to trial.

Evidence suggests there is much for Mr Kalejs to answer. The time that has passed since these crimes were alleged to have been committed does not in any way reduce the heinous nature of the crimes themselves - they were crimes against humanity.

The government must instruct the Australian Federal Police to immediately commence a co-operative investigation with the U.S justice department and the appropriate Canadian authorities as well as seeking input from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

I know people who suffered unspeakable acts in the death camps, and they, and others who were not fortunate enough to survive the murderous activities of the Nazis must not be forgotten. It is for them that we must demand the Australian Government waste no time in relentlessly pursuing this case.

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