Hanson, why should only English speaking Australians pay?

Once again it appears our government is content with the idea of dividing Australians and treating them differently according to those divisions. This latest example relating to the AEC’s enquiry lines for those who need help with voting in the postal ballot for the Constitutional Convention Election is a perfect example of unnecessary discrimination.

The government must explain why it is that the AEC’s offer of help is a free call for non-English speaking Australians but the normal price of a local call for those who speak English. Why should only English speaking Australians pay? It should be everyone or no-one pays.

When we rang the Greek and Chinese 1800 number, there was a recorded message and then the facility of a conference call with both a person speaking English and an interpreter. Surely whatever service the government decides on, it could have provided without discrimination.

The cost of a local call may seem to be only a very small price to pay, but the question remains, why is there a price at all? Why do Australians who don’t speak English have access to 1800 numbers yet those who do speak English do not?

This government has many policies that discriminate and add fuel to the fire of division in this country. In contrast to some of those policies that cost billions, this latest episode is perhaps relatively cheap but when it comes to a government deciding to discriminate against their own people, it is not so much a question of cost, but of WHY?

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley

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