Hanson, "We must extinguish Native Title"

1st October 1997

"It is imperative the people of Australia understand Native Title is, as they say, 'the thin end of the wedge'. The path of Native Title will eventually divide Australia into many nations of varying ethnicities - an Aboriginal nation will be just the beginning.

"For years Australia has been divided through policies of multiculturalism and an unfair view of history that has led to impractical, discriminatory and stupid notion of land rights and special treatment for so called minorities at the expense of everyone else.

"It is imperative the Australian people know and understand the International forces driving the Aboriginal industry and the flawed and divisive concept of Native Title. The underlying blueprint and inspiration in Nunavut, the separate indigenous nation within Canada and the draft United Nation's Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

ATSIC's Mick Dodson said on 25/10/96, "We believe that in the process of adopting the UN declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, time is on the side of Indigenous Peoples".

"Or let me quote Peter Jull, former adviser to the Canadian Prime Minister and now a consultant to the Central Land Council, "Nunavut has prophetic meaning when viewed in an International context. It heralds a New World Order".

"There is an undeniable link between the events in Canada and Australia. The architect of Canada's Nunavut is now living in Brisbane and advising the Central Land Council. The Aboriginal Industry's long term goal is a separate Indigenous Nation within Australia - a separate country the alleged guilty non-Aboriginal Australians will pay for.

"This must surely disturb any Australian who thought we were working for a future together as One People and One Nation. We must all be Australians together, either we are all equal in all things or equal in none. How long you or your ancestors may have been here is irrelevant for it is flawed to essentially suggest some of our people are more Australian than others.

"The Australians inappropriately referred to as indigenous comprise less than 2% of the population with most of mixed ancestry and little Aboriginal blood and yet under Native Title this minority will have a stranglehold on as much as 75% of the land that is supposed to belong to all Australians. This is wrong in the extreme and should be subject to a referendum. If we are to face division let the people have their rightful chance to stop it."      

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© Pauline Hanson's One Nation, 1997.