Hanson, “Don’t start the RACE without me”

This morning’s report on AM puts an interesting spin on how Asia is viewing the WIK issue and the bunk they have been fed about me. The report claimed Australia’s reputation had taken a battering over my comments on race yet now with talks of a race election some of our Asian neighbours are pricking up their ears.

One of those interviewed, Dr Sataranan from Thailand is reported as saying, “to racialise the election in such a way would confirm that what she (Hanson) said had something in it”. The message was clear, the politicians and much of the media were trying to blame me for the division in Australia and yet now we face a race election and none of it has anything to do with me.

Racism in Australia has been entrenched by successive Liberal and Labor governments. It is clear that rather than trying to bring Australians from everywhere together, government policies have highlighted our differences and divided us with special benefits available to certain races.

Native title is about to explode in rural Australia - perhaps when that happens the government will see the folly of special treatment and race related policies.

Right from the start, I have maintained the land belongs to us all, Australians must be treated equally and we must be one people, under one flag and with one set of rules if we are ever to all truly live together as Australians. The Asians are right, there is something in what I have been saying, and it seems they are starting to realise the racism in Australia has nothing to do with me.

Many outside Australia will be watching the next election and now race as an issue is clearly on the agenda, all I can say is, don’t start the race without me because as the others campaign on race and highlight our differences, I will campaign on equality for all Australians and the need for us to be one people - bring on the election, let’s see what Australians really think.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley.

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