Hanson, “I speak of jobs, Howard speaks of me”.

18th June

“As our Prime Minister escaped the issue of rising unemployment by leaving the country, his parting attack on me is evidence that he doesn’t understand the priorities in Australia. I speak of jobs and all John Howard can do is speak of me. the Prime Minister’s pre-occupation with wanting to somehow associate me with foreign extremists must be of great concern to the Australian people.

When John Howard going to do something to create jobs? For that matter when has John Howard ever been successful at creating even one job? Has John Howard ever been in business? Has John Howard ever actually even employed someone himself, and been responsible for producing the income to keep that person employed, or is John Howard just a career politician with no real or recent experience of the Australia outside politics?

Nothing would please me more than to see John Howard and his government succeed in reducing the destructive grip unemployment has on millions of Australian families but all they offer is a Minister for Employment who tells the unemployed to be patient and a Prime Minister who wants to amuse the foreign press with stories about me. If there is someone in the government who knows anything about getting Australians jobs, will they please put up their hand, and for goodness sake, will the Liberals please elect that person as their Leader.

Jobs Prime Minister Howard, not fleeing overseas to speak of me. Jobs Prime Minister Howard, not jetting to London for the cricket. Jobs Prime Minister Howard not watching baseball in New York. Prime Minister, when you speak of me and infer I am racist, remember I am here in Australia and I am trying to help my fellow Australians while you swan around the world on a trip of a questionable nature that looks like an excuse for a sports tour. Prime Minister, I doubt the Australian people see you as much of a sport.

While you are overseas in foreign lands, speaking of me, and having deserted Australia’s unemployed, perhaps you should start to think about getting your priorities in order and whether you are a citizen of Australia or a citizen of the world. If you can’t get these things right then step down before you and your policies put even more Australians out of work. Be the leader you were elected to be, and lead Australia from Australia or get out now and give someone else a go.”

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP Member for Oxley.

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