Hanson, “multiculturalists banning Santa Claus is just the beginning”.

The disgusting action of minority groups in South Australia applauding the ban on Santa Claus is just the beginning, just the thin edge of the wedge - Australians must see this is only the start. Anything Australian that does not fit in with different cultures is a target for elimination. Given any chance, these extremists will encourage the supporters of multicultural policies to liquidate public reference and celebration of Easter, Christmas and even Australia Day and ANZAC Day.

We have extended our generosity to people from all over the world and welcomed them with open arms yet rather than be grateful, many abuse what we have given them. Not only are we expected to accept the many cultural conflicts being caused by multicultural policies that highlight division and difference and discourage assimilation, but these people whom we gave new hope now repay our generosity by expecting us to change our ways to fit in with theirs.

This particular case of banning Santa from visiting kindergartens is a perfect example of something which no reasonable person would uphold. Most people, especially children would not associate Santa with religion and even if they did you would expect those who demand we tolerate everything could at least extend to us the courtesy of understanding this tradition as mostly a time of fun and adventure for children.

The fact is, Wali Hanifi is a good example of a meddler who should be damn grateful he has been given a place in Australia. How dare this representative of the South Australian Islamic Society be critical of the traditions of a country that has offered him and others so much - I hope not all Muslims feel as he does. There is nothing to stop anyone doing what they like and celebrating any belief they have but if they are not offended by something as simple and unobtrusive as Santa Claus then it would be best if they go back from whence they came.

I will not stand by and watch our Australian way of life destroyed piece by piece by these people who do not deserve the right to call themselves Australians. One Nation will abolish multiculturalism, and promote integration into mainstream Australia instead - it is the policy we have had from the start and it is the only way we can truly be One Nation, and I look forward to speaking further on this when I visit South Australia in February.

Further, the billions of dollars spent on the divisive policies of multiculturalism will be re-directed to benefit all Australians not the minority interests whose funded existence continues to assist in dividing us and breaking down all of the things which made Australia the country migrants saw as a place of hope. Australia must not be allowed to become like the places do many have tried to escape.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley.

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