Hanson “It’s Blair”

Friday 27th February 1998

After much consideration of my three options, the Senate, Oxley and Blair, I decided to stand as a candidate in the lower house seat of Blair.

Despite considerable gratuitous advice that I had to stand for the Senate, this was not really an option for me as I believe the first rule of leadership is to lead by example and therefore never to ask someone to do what you won’t do yourself. I could not reasonably expect candidates all over Australia to stand in the lower house without facing that fight myself.

Further to this, for One Nation to truly succeed in returning Australia to its people, it is necessary for us to have a presence in the lower house - we must not be another obstructionist Senate block like the Democrats and the Greens. I ruled out the easy option of the Senate and now place myself in the hands of the Queenslanders of Blair.

Many of my constituents are now in Blair as the re-distribution took places such as Amberley, Brassall, Leichhardt, Churchill, Yamanto and North Ipswich out of Oxley. But in the end the real point is, I now live on my farm in Coleyville so I am a resident of Blair, and I believe you stand where you live.

Even before the boundary change, I spent a lot of time in what is known as Blair, visiting Kingaroy, Nanango, Kilcoy, Rosewood, Marburg, Aratula and Gatton, and last year I opened the Laidley show. I have met many people throughout the area and made many friends - I feel very at home with the people of Blair and I hope they feel the same about me.

I have stood strongly for the people on the land, been outspoken on a number of issues such as guns, timber, tariffs, native title, the disgraceful threat to chicken and pork farmers and the need for lower interest rates to help small business and the rural sector. Given a chance, I will continue the fight for Australians, and it will be the Australians in Blair who decide whether I have the chance.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley and candidate for Blair.

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