Hanson, “So called anti-racists are nothing but socialist thugs.”

30 September 1997

“Once again the ugliness of threats and intimidation raises its head in a concerted effort to stop freedom of speech and the rights of Australians to express their views. Never in our history has the ‘ends justified the means’ approach been more clearly seen than in the actions of the so-called anti-racists. These socialist led groups have a clear political agenda that uses thuggery as its weapon and bears no relationship to being anti-racist.

“This Saturday, 4 October, I was to be joined at a speaking engagement at Festival Hall in the heart of Brisbane by many other Australians but now this celebration of our history and those who have fought for our country has been marred by people who have no real interest in Australia. The thugs who have threatened violence against the bands and guest speakers are nothing more than criminals and deserve to be treated as such.

“One Nation is not having a racist debate, we are focussed on many concerns including resolving the issues of unemployment, Australian manufacturing and the rural sector, crime, drugs, immigration. the sell-off of Australia and equality for all Australians. Racism is the tool used against us by politically motivated self interest groups - there is nothing high minded in their activities, they are simply users.

“The latest lawlessness and social corruption is behaviour decent Australians will condemn as little more than the actions of a few vocal animals leading the confused and ill-informed. It is a great pity the Brass Bands have been intimidated to the degree that they fear for their safety and their instruments but on the other hand, the Pipe Band are standing fast, as is their tradition, and all Australians should be proud of their courage.

“The event on Saturday will go ahead. I will not be stopped, I will speak in Brisbane, and I can call on my fellow Australians to stand fast with me just like the pipers who embody the true Australian ANZAC spirit. I have absolute faith in the Queensland Police and their ability to control the lawless radicals who do the bidding of the Multiculturalists and the political parties who serve them - I will not be intimidated.”

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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