Hanson "Send them Back!"

6th May

"This most recent example of imported crime highlights the need for stringent checks that will more effectively stop "Tourist Bandits" from entering Australia. It is a situation that must be addressed now.

Seung Young Cha, Sang Guk Lee, Joung Sul Oh and Jae Ak Lee should be in jail in Korea, not enjoying the hospitality of an Australian jail at the expense of their victims, Australian taxpayers.

These 4 Koreans are professional criminals who belong in jail in their own country, not ours. We should make arrangements for them to be returned to Korea to serve out their terms. Such arrangements should be active policy in co-operation with other countries.

Even if we had to make a contribution to the cost of them and those like them being jailed in their own countries, in most cases it would be a lot cheaper than the luxurious surroundings of an Australian jail.

Send them back - these 4 and any other non-Australian citizens who are convicted and sentenced to jail. We should catch them, try them, convict them and sentence then; but then let's deport them to be jailed in their own country.

Australians are sick to death of imported crime. We should be exporting criminals, not importing them and this is a policy that we should be actively pursued by One nation."

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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