Hanson, “McNamara having a slow day”

22 July 1997

“Clearly the Deputy Premier of Victoria has recognised I can be used to get press coverage.

It seems the Deputy Premier has time to criticise me - no doubt in an attempt to divert attention from the failures of his Federal mates. My policies will be built on consultation with the Australian people -a concept I’m sure is unknown to the Deputy Premier.

My visit to Geelong confirmed first hand my concerns for job losses through a lack of industry protection. I met manufacturers and workers related to both TCF and the car industry and discussed their past, present and most importantly, their future.

The workers said I was the first politician that had ever come to see them. That certainly reminds us of the poor representation that is so prevalent across Australia - particularly in regional and rural areas.

It’s clear today was one of Deputy Premier McNamara’s many slow days, but when next he has time on his hands I suggest he gets out of his office to speak to regional Australians instead of just dishonestly bashing me to get his name in the news.

The Deputy Premier and his Federal mates can be sure that come the next election, their failures to properly address the real issues will be their undoing as I present the Australian people with the real solutions for the real problems.”

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