Pauline Hanson's One Nation
Policies and Political Goals :

Policies released:

Employment Initiatives - 30th September 1998
National Rural and Regional Policy - 29th September 1998
Manufacturing Industry Policy - 29th September 1998
Aged Care and the Disabled Policy - 29th September 1998
Costing of One Nation policies - 29th September 1998
Industrial Relations Policy - 27th September 1998
Veterans' Affairs Policy - 25th September 1998
Health policy - 24th September 1998
Family Law and Child Support Policy Directions - 18th September 1998
Speech on Family Law and Child Support by Heather Hill - 18th September 1998
Primary Industry Policy - 7th September 1998
Taxation Policy - 3rd September 1998
Small Business Policy - 12th August 1998
Immigration Policy - 2nd July 1998
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Firearms Policy - 16th May 1998
Hanson announces direction of One Nation’s Citizenship Policies - 19th November 1997
Policies on Education and Law and Order

See also Queensland State Policies.


  1. To reduce immigration to match the number of people leaving Australia, or a "Zero net gain" basis, until unemployment is addressed.
  2. To cap population for environmental reasons.
  3. To treat all Australian’s equally and abolish divisive and discriminatory policies, such as those attached to aboriginal and multicultural affairs.
  4. To restrict foreign ownership of Australia, repeal the Native Titles Act, abolish ATSIC and reverse WIK.
  5. To restore tariff protection, revitalise Australian manufacturing and initiate financial support for small business and the rural sector.
  6. To take positive action on such matters as taxation reforms, education, health, unemployment, crime and the discrimination created by political correctness.

Detailed policies of One Nation are being prepared in consultation with small business and all industry groups who will be affected by these policies.

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