Hanson calls for candidates for One Nation

"Today marks a truly historic occasion as I am pleased to announce Pauline Hanson's One Nation is calling for nominations for candidates for the next Federal Election which is due in 1999 but will be held in 1998.

"For the first time in many years the Australian people will finally have a real alternative to the policies of the Liberal and Labor that have sold off our country and given us high unemployment, increased poverty and crime, increased substance abuse and suicide and increased family breakdown.

"Together with these and other problems they started the de-industrialisation of our country and the destruction of our rural sector and have filled millions of Australians with hopelessness and despair.

"Today as I call for candidates, we start the fight to regain our history, our heritage, our wealth, our land, our pride, our patriotism and all that has been taken from us by successive governments.

"The day of the ballot box is coming, and I like millions of Australians welcome the outcome."

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