"So Called" Anti-Racism Committee plots personal assault on Hanson

16th July 1997

Last Monday night's so called anti-racism committee meeting at ACTU House in Brisbane further exposes the violence planned by those who organise demonstrations against me.

The committee put their priority as being to shut down all Pauline Hanson meetings and apart from this assault on freedom of speech, also plotted to physically do me harm.

They called for a volunteer to break through the crowd and physically assault me. They planned for this to happen at a demonstration where there were enough protesters that it could be passed off as a lone action not associated with their anti-racism committee.

These people have exposed themselves as fanatical thugs. Their violent activities and plans to bash me are typical of their behaviour, and an example of the threat they pose to everything Australians hold dear.

On top of this, the same group discussed incorporating their committee so they could receive ATSIC funding. They think its OK for Australian taxpayers to fund groups who are political terrorists and self confessed organisers of criminal assault.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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