Hanson, “Ervin can’t take a hint”.

14th August 1997

“Despite the Howard Government’s bungling of the whole Ervin affair, in particular letting him enter the Australia although they had two months warning of his arrival, it should have been clear to Ervin that Australia doesn’t want him or the trouble he peddles.

However, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin simply can’t take a hint. not only is he planning to illegally return to Australia, but he is going to send more of his kind as well. All Australians, regardless of their birthplace or cultural origin, must be horrified by the prospect of Ervin’s message of revolution.

Ervin is in contact with radicals in Australia through Left Link, the violent online underground arm of the ALP. Through this link he is leading the plan for an ‘indigenous peoples’ boycott of the Sydney Olympics which he describes as the, ‘Bread and Circus Olympics on stolen land soaked with the blood of your ancestors.’

He describes the Australian government as, ‘The Howard - Hanson racist government’, and yet I am not in Government and my call for equality for all Australians with assistance provided on the basis of need not race is quite the opposite of the Government’s racially based policies.

Ervin describes himself as, ‘an emissary of black autonomy international’, and our country as, ‘the land the white man calls Australia’. He also makes the point that many will, ‘join you to obtain the birthright to which you are entitled: land and independence’.

Ervin is an international terrorist, he preaches revolution and further describes himself as, ‘a warrior’. He also states, no barrier or territorial border of the white man will prevent my return’. He is dangerous and will only incite racial hatred and violence. It is imperative that all Australians reject him and all he represents.”

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