Hanson, “We will re-industrialise Australia”.

13th August 1997

“On the 11th of April 1997, in the speech that launched the One Nation Party, I stated our immediate goals. These included, restoration of tariff protection and the revitalisation of Australian manufacturing’.

I am not surprised recent surveys show the distress Australians feel about our disappearing manufacturers, as ordinary Australians know what is happening and that is why they support me, because I have voiced their own concerns.

Also at the launch of One Nation, I stated, ‘we have a chance for Australia to be the best place in the world but we wont achieve that by giving our jobs to Asia, selling off our assets to foreign ownership or destroying what little remains of Australian manufacturing’.

Successive Liberal and Labor governments have failed Australia and brought local manufacturing to its knees. This has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs - jobs that are now feeding the families of foreign lands while Australians are left wondering why their own government would engineer such treachery.

When I visited Newcastle last week, it was clear from the steel workers I spoke to that their town is an industry town, and like so many other Australian workers, it is only industry that can replace the jobs such as those BHP have so callously exported.

We must provide our people with a diversity of occupations and this includes increasing employment opportunities by revitalising Australian manufacturing. In accordance with the speech that launched One Nation, we are formulating politics to provide specific incentives to re-industrialise Australia - that is, and has always been, our commitment.”

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