Hanson, "Labor’s Five Clicks to Beazley’s Anarchy"

10th July 1997

There is a clear connection between the ugliness of those that are violently attacking the decent Australians attending One Nation meetings and the Labor Party. Remember Beazley saying that I attract extremists? It is now clear those extremists actually belong to Beazley.

We have known for some time that the brutal and violent demonstrations against One Nation have been highly organised. In every city, the demonstrators have the same chants, the same placards and in some cases, even the same leaders.

Organisers advertise rallying points for transportation and have been observed by police loading their followers onto buses. This was the case with the Dandenong meeting, and now the organisers, Militant Australia, are advertising transport for their night creatures to invade Geelong during Pauline Hanson’s visit next week.

Just as it has been said the Labor party is the political wing of the unions, five clicks on the Internet will show you that many groups such as, Militant Australia and Left Link are the brutal and violent demonstration wing of the Labor Party.

Hop on the ALP home page and in just three clicks you will get the ACTU, Two more clicks and you have the various anarchists that are the ugly associates Labor would rather middle Australia didn’t know about.

Militant Australia have stated they will form a political party called New Labor - that says it all, but lets also add that their pick-up point for transportation to attack my meetings is Melbourne Trade Hall. Labor’s five clicks to Beazley’s anarchy honestly exposes their supporters and would no doubt terrify most Australians especially traditional Labor voters.

Check out Labor's "Five clicks to anarchy"

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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