Hanson, “Aboriginal land grab was the object of a shameless PR campaign”.

For many years Australians have been assaulted by a shameless PR campaign aimed at developing guilt among non-Aboriginals. The young in particular have fallen foul of this deceitful exercise and now we are in the position where we are about to give over perhaps as much as 80% of our country to about 2% of our population.

This Aboriginal land grab was the object of a campaign of guilt typified by the stolen children’s report, Bringing them Home. While there is no doubt of the sadness embodied in this report the promotion has been aimed at raising guilt and therefore raising the willingness to compensate the Aborigines.

The presentation of the stolen children’s report and the subsequent demand for a National apology was a well constructed campaign lacking nothing but the balance of the surrounding circumstances of history. You were given the impression these awful privations were solely owned and experienced by Aborigines and that was of course a lie.

The evidence indicates the 40,000 stolen British children sent to Australia over the same period far outnumbered the Aborigines and their experiences were at least as bad, possibly worse. This combined with the removal of the slum children of Melbourne and individual experiences all over Australia proves Aborigines do not have a monopoly on suffering either now or in the past.

When Noel Pearson was reported as speaking of a war being declared on white Australia, All Australians should have realised the war started long ago when Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal activists began their unconscionable PR exercise to carefully cultivate guilt in the minds of ordinary Australians - in this war of Aboriginal greed, truth was the first casualty.

We must put the Native Title issue in perspective. Already 15% of Australia is in Aboriginal hands. There is a government compensation package to purchase lands for Aborigines and they are reaping millions of dollars in payments and royalties from mining companies. The fact is Aborigines continue to be given more than other Australians - native Title is simply another scam perpetrated against non-Aboriginal Australians.

If we are ever to all live together as Australians, we must stop the division caused by the senseless and destructive agenda that insists on highlighting our differences - we must all be treated equally. We must rid ourselves of unwarranted guilt, and in particular policies clearly based on race - we must help people on the basis of individual need.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley.

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