Hanson announces One Nation will fund tourism promotion of Australians seeing Australia.

In a speech delivered to Parliament in last night’s adjournment debate, Miss Hanson expressed her support for the Australian Tourism Industry stating she welcomed law abiding visitors from everywhere and in particular voicing her concern with regard to funding by saying, “It is an appalling situation that the Federal Government does not provide any funding to promote the concept of Australians seeing Australia.”

“I cannot speak too loudly in encouraging Australians to spend as much of their holiday dollars as possible in Australia - please see our own country first. The beauty and adventure is so diverse in nature, it is difficult for other countries to compete with the splendour and magnificence of the Australian experience.

“It is very disturbing that outgoing tourism is growing at 15% while domestic tourism is essentially flat. The growing exodus to see the world must be balanced by a campaign that will promote the best destination in the world, our own home.”

Miss Hanson hit back at the politically motivated attempts to blame her for the industry’s inbound tourism problems saying, “The setbacks have nothing to do with me, rather there are the more plausible issues such as, too high an expectation by the Tourism Forecasting Council, currency fluctuations, marketing errors, failing Asian economies, competition from other destinations around the world and the simple fact you can’t stay on top forever.”

Miss Hanson made it clear she wanted more Australians to invest in their own natural showcase so tourism profits would stay in Australia and finished by saying, “In consultation with the Tourism Industry, it will be a policy of One Nation to make appropriate funding available to promote staying in Australia and spending your tourist dollars here, where clearly they will do the most good.”

Statement issued by the office of Pauline Hanson MP, Member for Oxley.

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