Hanson, “Howard’s promise to deliver -
more bad news”.

7th May 1998

When John Howard promises to deliver, his record shows all Australians should be worried. Just look at what at Howard has delivered so far. The continuation of the free trade agenda which has so devastated most of Australia’s industry and passed into foreign hands much of the little that remains, almost wiped out the rural sector, with particular horrendous impact for the Citrus industry, the Sugar industry, and most recently Pork, where the average Queensland Pork Producer is losing Au$1,000 a week and facing financial ruin.

On top of this, let’s not forget John Howard’s other work, the threat to the Chicken industry, which directly and indirectly employs over 60,000 Australians, the appalling unresolved and festering native title problem, the unsustainable confiscation of guns from law abiding citizens and the disgraceful financial support of more than one billion dollars of tax payer’s money for the corrupt, bloodthirsty and murderous regime of Suharto’s Indonesia.

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment which has so incensed Australians with the destructive effects it would have on business, employment and our sovereignty and the growing awareness among many Australians that while this treaty has not yet been signed, there are many others already wreaking havoc behind the scenes in Australia. These are just examples of the John Howard agenda of free trade and free reign for the multinationals to fund his campaign.

Record unemployment as disclosed by the ABS recently 19%, record foreign debt, dubious trade figures with the worst trade performance ever, in March, soaring crime, an ever decreasing standard of living for ordinary Australians and the importation of infectious diseases are just a few of John Howard’s favourite things.

John Howard can only deliver more of the same. Ever since the Fraser government he has been a part of the problem not the solution, and even the one time he listened to Australians, and voiced concerns over immigration, he failed that commitment and again deserted the truth.

If I was to disappear, John Howard and the Labor Party would again run rampant - forcing the Australian people to bare the brunt of their bad policies. Policies that never effect the politicians’ wages or standard of living, policies so clearly against the interest of the majority of Australians, and policies that if Pauline Hanson didn’t exist, would remain unchallenged and unchecked. John Howard had a chance in the 70’s and 80’s blew it, had more of a chance in the 90’s and blew it, does he now expect the Australian people to believe they might be three times lucky?

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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