Hanson, “Credit Union services get political”.

13th August 1997

“I was sorry to be advised today that the Credit Union Services Corporation withdrew their invitation for me to attend a parliamentary reception which was to enable me to hear more about Credit Unions’ activities.

I decided to attend this function to hear what Credit Unions have to say, as clearly their view on banking is important. Unfortunately it seems that while I have the interest to hear what they have to say, they have decided I am not worthy of their time.

Would you believe they had the gall to contact my office and advise my staff that the invitation was an accident? They sent me a two page letter, clearly addressed to me and signed by their chairman, all by accident - I have witnessed some grubby dealings in this job and this is another example.

So far every major political party has opposed me, and now Credit Unions are joining them. Will the banks be next to join in? This is a concern for all Australians as we witness the collusion of the establishment against someone who stands up and says what ordinary Australians believe.

I call upon all Australians to make their feelings known at the next election. I have been attacked and vilified by many institutions, Churches, political parties and local Councils to name just a few and I am sure decent Australians have had enough of these un-Australian people and their discrimination and tactics of political deceit.”

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