Hanson, “Laurie’s Labor Lies”.

Brereton is the minister for Shadowy Affairs

Some wonder when Laurie Brereton is lying, but many however know this is happening most of the time, and his urgent call for an inquiry by the Joint Standing Committee for Treaties into the MAI is a perfect example of the crooked and politically deceitful nature of he and his chardonnay socialist accomplices.

In the first instance, ‘Loose with the truth Laurie’ knows what he is urgently calling for is already part of a treaty process that according to treasury official Tony Hinton, has been in place for about 18 months. Rather than being Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, Laurie is simply and more accurately described as MINISTER for SHADOWY AFFAIRS for he is so often estranged from the truth.

Secondly, it was Labor’s own Senator Cook, then Minister for Trade, who represented Australia at the OECD Ministers’ conference in May 1995 when it was decided to commence MAI negotiations, and it was Labor who oversaw those negotiations between May 1995 and Labor’s devastating defeat in March 1996.

The fullness of the destructive nature of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment is yet to be determined, however, Labor’s involvement and obvious support for the MAI must not be allowed to go without condemnation because just like the Coalition, Labor’s burglars have their fingerprints all over it.

It is absolutely vital for all Australians to be informed of the ramifications of the MAI, but it is equally important for them to know Liberals, Nationals and Labor have all taken part in the MAI’s development. This disgracefully immoral statement by Laurie Brereton is nothing more than a reaction to mounting public opinion, and in particular of festering concerns within Labor’s cash cow, the union movement. Labor’s attempt to show concern is a lie - Labor and the Coalition must be made to share the guilt.

At this time the debate over the MAI’s effect in Australia is a matter of where you stand on policies of increasing globalisation and the continued pursuit of economic rationalism - two policies I stand firmly against. Both are benefiting Multinationals at the expense of our standard of living, as free trade, amongst other things, continues to shift Australian jobs to countries with cheap foreign workforces.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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