Hanson, "Howard a hypocrite!"

7th May

"John Howard's recent claims that I have no policies is laughable when the election is 18 months away and Mr Howard only announced his policies 4 weeks before the last election.

It is hypocritical in the extreme for Mr Howard of all people to accuse me of not releasing any policies.

My policies will be announced over the next 6-12 months following consultation with the many Industries and Associations who will need to contribute to the formation of those policies. As the voice of the people One Nation will reflect the needs of the people.

One Nation will get Australia moving again with some new ideas because Australia needs changes. The Coalition will only give us more of the same when more of the same only guarantees us the same predictable results. Results that are not working.

When One Nation releases policies they will be fresh, innovative and designed to provide simple, commonsense solutions to Australia's problems.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP Member for Oxley.

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