Hanson, “Public pays the price for prisons of profit.”

“The recent escape and serious wounding of a prison officer only serves to highlight the risk to decent law abiding citizens who have the misfortune to be living near the Borbidge government’s appallingly insecure facilities.

Borallon Correctional Centre is said to be medium security but this armed attack clearly shows the high risk nature of the inmates. These criminals should not have been housed anywhere but under the highest security.

Russell Cooper needs to explain how these dangerous criminals were mis-classified as medium security prisoners. In addition to one guard being shot, the ensuing 180kph car chase endangered the lives of police and members of the public.

The latest escape further illustrates the irresponsible practice of housing violent and desperate criminals in suburban areas where not only is the public under threat but the job of the police is made harder because escapees may quickly mingle and be lost in the crowd.

The use of banned military semi-automatic rifles makes it abundantly clear the gun buyback only attacked the rights of law abiding Australians and had no impact on criminals. It reminds me of the saying, “Outlaw guns and only the Outlaws will have them”.

One Nation’s Law and Order/Crime and Punishment policy made it clear we believe in high security prisons, isolated well outside populated areas. If this proposal seems to infringe on the rights of prisoners, well bad luck, perhaps they will take into account our Devils Island approach before they decide to commit crimes.

One Nation opposes foreign companies running our jails for profit. It reduces employment, send profits overseas and raises questions of standards and safety. If private enterprise is to manage prisons, an escape should be considered a breach of contract and they should be fined accordingly. The public are paying the price for prisons of profit and that must stop.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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