Hanson, “Democrats believe that children should be out all night.”

It is amazing to see the response from the Democrats to One Nation’s policy of giving Queensland Police the discretionary power to, after midnight, remove children under 16 from the streets and return them home.

When the Democrats acting leader, Senator Stott Despoja opposes the plan so strongly, she also reveals for all Australians that she and the Democrats believe children should be out in the streets all night.

For the Democrats to clearly uphold the idea that children under 16 should just be allowed to roam the streets at all hours of the night proves the Democrats are so involved in the extremes of civil libertarianism, they don’t know the difference between so called rights, and the social responsibilities attached to the care and protection of children.

Parents have a clear responsibility for the welfare of their children but every now and again society will need to lend a hand. Clearly, it is not in children’s interests to be roaming dark and potentially dangerous streets after midnight - many perhaps doing so without their parent’s knowledge.

It is difficult to put a particular time on when children should be off the streets but certainly by midnight, and reasonably legitimate activities such as parties or the pictures should have been concluded. Would any fair person suggest 10 or 11 or 12 year olds should be walking dangerous streets or exposing themselves as potential victims on street corners at 1 or 2 or 3 o’clock on the morning?

I challenge Senator Stott Despoja and her totally Cheryl free and out of touch Democrats to explain to Australians everywhere why children must be on our dark dangerous streets after midnight.

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