Hanson, “Tony Abbott’s 30 pieces of silver will be paid on Howard’s fall”.

It is understandable why monarchists everywhere are reeling with shock and horror over the sellout of their golden haired boy, Tony Abbott.

The Honourable Abbott, one time monk and Executive Director of the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy has truly bitten the hand that feeds.

If Liberal Party pre-selectors had been able to have the slightest inkling of how easily Tone Abbott would surrender, it is likely he wouldn’t have made it into parliament in the first place.

However the real story is Tony Abbott’s 30 pieces of silver. That is the point of interest, because understanding Abbott’s concern for his own career is the key to why he was betrayed all the people who put him where he is.

It is all about leadership of the Liberal Party and who will be rewarded after John Howard is gone. Abbott is jumping the Monarchist’s ship while Howard’s leadership walks the plank.

Quite simply, Abbott’s thirty pieces of silver will be paid in the form of a top post in a Costello led government. The knives are out, Howard is all but finished and if Costello’s gamble plays off, Abbott’s gamble plays off as well.

The next task of the not so funny Abbott and Costello duo will be to tackle Reith’s run for the line. In between time, Abbott’s closest supporters are left licking their wounds and questioning their ability to judge character.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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