Hanson, “Ipswich Council Hypocrites”

30th July 1997

“Though it is not my wish to help Ipswich Council’s stand against freedom of speech by responding and giving them even more publicity, their outrageous claims cannot go unanswered considering the hypocrisy so naturally inspiring their actions.

All Australians have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, so I thought, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that many in authority will only allow these rights if they share whatever views you wish to express.

While I uphold the right of those who choose to protest against One Nation, it is absolute hypocrisy to consider any damage the protesters cause to be One Nation’s responsibility - in particular when the local council gives permission for the protesters to scream their abuse and carry out their violence.

If local councils are going to authorise, condone, and often actively assist and participate in angry and violent protests against One Nation then they must, with their fellow protesters, accept responsibility for the problems they cause.

Most people who oppose me do so because of a mistaken belief of what I represent, others are politically motivated. I respect their rights, and only ask they demonstrate peacefully and with dignity and stop using verbal abuse and violence on decent Australians who wish to exercise their rights by attending our meetings.

This discriminatory and hypocritical act by Ipswich Council crucifies the victims while encouraging the criminals. It sends the message that the authorities support opposing One Nation when responsible community leaders should in fact oppose this political terrorism and make the police feel more comfortable about arresting the abusive thugs who turn up to protests to practice their violence.

It is incumbent on all leaders to separate their personal views or political motivations from process of decision making. They should not look for ways of using their positions to oppose me - such actions are un-Australian and beneath the decency and fairness we expect from those who are required to set a good example for the community.”

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