Pauline Hanson's speech on the UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

June 1998:

Read the complete, unedited, transcript of Pauline Hanson's speech to Parliament

See the ATSIC web page carrying the draft declaration.
In particular view: Part VII. Self-Government and Indigenous Laws

or the latest "version" of the agreement.  from the "Center For World Indigenous Studies".

See a sample of what ATSIC and NSW Land Council negotiators are demanding under this treaty at the UN Human Rights Commission.
(Note: Type "Torres Strait" or "New South Wales" in your browser's
"Find" option.)

Judge says no to black state  - Sir Harry Gibbs (High Court Chief Justice 1981 -87)

Treaty is a recipe for separatism - John Howard 1988

John Howard called Pauline Hanson's comments on the UN treaty as "deranged" a view supported the leader of the opposition Kim Beazley. How hypocritical of John Howard.

Quote: "When the proposal of a treaty was put forward by the Prime Minister (Bob Hawke), Mr Howard rejected it out of hand, arguing that a treaty could only divide, not unite black and white Australians.

"The Liberal and National Parties remain committed to achieving policies which bring Aboriginal people into the mainstream of Australian society and give them equal opportunity to share fully in a common future with all other Australians."

Alan Jones on "it" on the "Today" programme - 5th June 1998.

Quote: "Its all very well for leaders of major political parties to speak in the most vituferous language about Pauline Hanson. Its another thing to examine what she said in the Parliament last Tuesday afternoon, June 2nd."

Aborigines push for separate  Aboriginal states in Australia  - January  1999

The chairman of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, Mr Gatjil Djerrkura, will support calls for a referendum of all indigenous Australians on the question of a treaty and possibly a separate Aboriginal government.

In a move set to further inflame tensions between indigenous Australia and the Federal Government, Mr Djerrkura will use his Australia Day address to make the first in a series of sustained attacks against the Government and to call for a treaty.

What does Peter Jull say about "Aboriginal nations in Australia":


Dreaming in Black and White: An Australian Northern Policy

Quote: "As in Canada, the North in Australia is, for the non-indigenous, residual matter from the which nation-building may occur."

Nunavut Abroad

Quote: "All across Canada a variety of peoples—Inuit, Algonquian, Dene, Nuu-chah-nulth, and mixed-blood or Metis—are building a new country, or rather many new regional units which make up a country."

Canada and the Antipodes: Mirror Images?

Quote: "Australia's "other" indigenous people, the Torres Strait Islanders, feel much like Inuit—too often forgotten and relegated to second place. They know, however, that Inuit and Scandinavia' s Sami are also concerned with and taking action on similar marine issues and seeking more regional power."

 60 Minutes discredited - "Call to Arms" - 7th June 1998

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