Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Firearms Policy

Released: Saturday 16th May 1998


Firearms legislation should provide for safe and responsible ownership and use of firearms.

Whilst it is paramount that all Australians be protected from the illegal use and abuse of firearms, measures to control and apprehend those who illegally or irresponsibly use firearms are not to be used as tools to obstruct, harass or penalise legitimate law-abiding firearm owners.

Firearm owners deserve to have their confidence in government restored through the re-establishment of the principle, ‘innocent until proven guilty’. With this principle in mind, firearm legislation indeed all legislation, must be formulated on the basis of common sense.


Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Firearms’ Policy is based on the following principles:

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Firearm Policy

1. Lifetime firearm licences:

Licences will be issued on a lifetime basis - nominal fee only. Licences will of course be subject to review in the case of an offence. There will be a 28 day cooling off period between the application and the granting of a licence. Once the licence has been issued, the licence holder is free to obtain a firearm of the type suitable to their purpose.

2. Licence - training and certification:

In recognition that adequate training is essential for personal and community safety, the granting of a firearms’ licence will require mandatory theoretical and practical firearms’ training and certification such as the type conducted by existing sports shooting organisations and security firms. With the exception of professional users, it is expected clubs will run courses for members at a nominal charge.

NOTE: Training is mainly intended for first time firearm owners. Exemption or partial exemption will be granted to those who can reasonably demonstrate their experience and competence with firearms: ie farmers, existing licence holders, members of the police force, members of the defence force.

3. Long arms registration:

There will be no registration of individual long arms. This is an expensive waste of public resources and of no use in the war against crime.

4. The right to self defence:

We recognise the growing concern among Australians with regard to their increasing vulnerability within the home. Australians have the right to defend themselves and their families in their own homes. Subject to other provisions stated in this policy, we acknowledge their legitimate right to firearm ownership.

5. Flexibility of safe storage provisions:

Legislation regarding safe storage provisions shall accommodate situations where the firearm is under the direct physical control of the owner and where locked storage impedes a legitimate intended purpose.

6. Register of Prohibited Persons:

To enable an instant record check to ensure those persons ineligible to own a firearm can be quickly identified; we shall establish a register of persons prohibited from firearm ownership. Prohibited persons: ie those convicted of a violent offence.

7. Offences committed with the use of a firearm:

Using a firearm to commit an offence will increase the severity of the penalty. Reference One Nation Law and Order/Crime and Punishment Policy.

8. Firearm ownership - unfair practices and vexatious claims:

So as to safeguard against unfair practices in relation to firearm ownership: ie unjustifiable confiscation. Both legislation and the appeals procedure shall be reviewed. False, malicious or vexatious complaints will incur heavy penalties.

9. Firearm ownership - competitions:

The legitimacy of participation in shooting competitions is acknowledged. Competitors shall not be disadvantaged by being denied access to firearms of the type required for competitions, international or otherwise.

10. Self-loading rifles, shotguns and slide/pump-action shotguns:

Other than those requiring such firearms for occupational purposes (ie farmers), owners of such firearms shall be required to be members of approved competition, hunting and or military rifle clubs with the said firearms subject to strict storage requirements - subject to point five above.

11: Shooting Ranges - security of tenure:

In the interests of safe and responsible firearms use we will actively assist by increasing access to appropriate facilitate additional shooting ranges. Existing ranges shall also be granted security of tenure. Self-funding and cost recovery of such facilities shall be strongly encouraged.

12: Weapons Act Review and Firearms Liaison Panel (Queensland State):

A thorough review of the Queensland Weapons Act and Regulation will be conducted in consultation with representatives of firearm owners and interested parties. The review will address further unsatisfactory areas of existing legislation and determine fair, equitable and workable legislation.

Following this review, a Firearms Liaison Panel will be set up to monitor firearms management and legislation. This panel shall be made up of representatives of firearm owners, professional, recreational and industry. Its purpose will be to liaise with the government, stakeholders and the public, and in essence, assist the continuing application of safe practices in all aspects of firearm ownership.

Aspects of further policy development in the Commonwealth area:

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