The role of the ALP in promoting violence

Unlike the unsubstantiated claims that Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party will "attract" extreme right wing groups, we are able, below, to prove that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) actually "promote" extreme left-wing groups.

First we will look at the 5 "clicks to anarchy" and then some of the resulting proof.

Because it has been so difficult to get the traditional media to grasp the Internet as a new media we have compiled a direct on-line comparison upstaging a later claim that One Nation's home page was "just 5 clicks from Nazism". This was fabricated to try to re-direct the heat off the ACTU and Left Link.

We subsequently referred to Labor's ONE CLICK from anarchy.. a more accurate picture.

Below are "Labor's 5 clicks to anarchy":

Australian Labor Party (ALP) home page
take "Where to look" link
take "Other sites" link
take "Australian Council of Trade Unions" (ACTU) link (the ALP is the political arm of the ACTU)
take "Links" link
"Trade Union and Labour Links" is the heading for the above page which recognises Left Link as a national organisation.
Under "National Organisation" links (a section which includes the ALP!) select "Leftlink - Broad Left VIC" link

You are now on the Left Link home page which provides promotional support to extreme left wing groups, parties and movements which includes the following collection of key anti-Hanson posts:

Five clicks to Labor's anarchy above.....

Collection of Left Link moderated posts - July to November 1997:

Left Link moderator tries, but fails, to compare ALP's links to anarchy to links from Hanson's sites.

ARC post to gain support for a protest from members for Gold Coast launch - Brisbane anti-racist campaign
Geelong Hanson demo - Militant
SHUT THE RACISTS UP - Socialist Alternative
GLW Articles on One Nation Protests - Green Left and Campaign Against Racsim (CAR)
Militant Public Meeting - Militant
Ervin wins time to talk - Angry People
Horror! Reds come out from under the bed! - Left Link
anti-racist seminar - Resistance and Democratic Socialists
Lorenzo Komboa Ervin - Black Panther terrorist
Subject: Fighting Words for Gay Pride - Freedom Socialist Party/Radical Women
Support the bans on Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party - University of Sydney
Lorenzo Ervin and his on going attempts to destabilise Australia - Settler for Aboriginal Australia
Queer fest, numerous speakers, a kiss-in, liberated swimming and much more" - Anarchy = harmony not chaos.
Subject: LL:Free Socialism classes - on the Marxist methods at the ACTU.
Subject: LL:class war available on line - link to a web site advocating violence.
Subject: LL:Imprisonment in Australia - Lorenzo Ervin reveals that he is about to publicise a web site calling for the boycott of trade and tourism to Australia.
Subject: LL:Gay bashing by Hanson's front organisation - Left Link accuses Global Web Builders of "Gay Bashing".
Subject: LL:Olympic Boycott materials - Lorenzo Ervin - Sydney 2000 Olympics boycott.
Subject: LL:Militant Spring Camp - Miltant Australia.
Subject: LL:Croydon One Nation mtg - Miltant Australia.

In early October 1997 Left Link changed its signature adding a disclaimer which read: "Publication of a message on this list does not indicate endorsement by either LEFTLINK or the New International Bookshop."
None of the messages above had carried this disclaimer.
Subject: LL:Making Moreland a Hanson-free zone - early October 1997.
LL: From the Nyungah Circle of Elders - early November 1997 - indigenous support for Lorenzo Ervin's call for a Sydney 2000 Boycott.
LL:Socialist Feminist Events! - Freedom Socialist Party and Cuban Women International Feminist Brigade to Cuba - early November 1997.
Subject: LL:Global Web builders follow KKK leader - 11th November 1997

The Liberal Party's ten point plan on native title resulted in these predictable posts on Left Link:
Subject: LL:rally against racism 13/12 - 20th November 1997
LL:Anti-racist picket - 21st November 1997

LL:One Nation Party Members Attack Protesters - 10th December 1997

LL: STOP HOWARD'S TEN POINT PLAN- University of Sydney, 22nd January 1998

Melbourne Hanson meeting Sun 19 July- SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE, 17th July 1998

To find out more about extremist groups like Militant and the International Socialist Organisation and visit their on-line web pages see what Miranda Devine said about them in the Courier Mail in July 1997.

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