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Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 18:05:03 +0000
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On this day Friday the 15th of August,

Monash Tent City has successfully completed its 23rd day of occupation! Despite the bad spate of weather this week, morale is high and much movement and energy abounds. Some events gone by include:

1. Another Rave for Revolution was held in dismal weather, attracting nearly 45 people.

2. The Lounge/Chill-out/Activist area up on Admin's main foyer balcony now has a kitchen with gas heaters and store room, another lounge piece, a stereo, more carpet, and generally more creature comforts.

3. Thursday night had us hosting 35 Mckinnon High kids. We jammed together, hung-out and chatted. Many were keen to organise a highschool walk-out to coincide with the NUS National Day of Action this coming Wed 20th @ 2:00 Museum.

4. Bad Boys Batacuda came and jammed with us Thurs, after a free concert in front of the Law Faculty! They are keen to organise a benefit for us, and have donated a box of CD's for fund raising.

5. Ch 31, SKA TV produced a show on us for Access News (to air Monday week).

6. RMIT Open Day was successfully disrupted last Sunday by a collaborative effort of cross-campus student activists which included a not insignificant number of Tent City Space Cadets

7. The RMIT University Ccouncil occupation included several Monash activists (see Age article (pg. 5)

Coming Week....

1. Rebel University's first free classes, on such topics as Marcuse, East Timor and Green Ecology

2. Queer fest, numerous speakers, a kiss-in, liberated swimming and much more

ALL WELCOME, Tent City is open all hours, drop in for a coffee and chat,hold a class, read a book, make and listen to music, paint murals, dance or just relax.

In solidarity,

  No Justice -- No Peace
  No upfront education fees - anywhere!
  Anarchy = harmony not chaos

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