Blowing the Left Link/ACTU Fallacy
comparing cases of "5 clicks to anarchy".

On August the 13th 1997 the ACTU's self-styled "national organisation", LEFT LINK, made the extraordinary and untrue claim that, just like the Australian Labor Party (ALP), Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party through "5 clicks" on the Internet guided you to an extreme organisation - in this case they cited - "Nazism" and "National Action".

Prior to this allegation being raised we had never heard of this group... who interestingly have no link or comment about Pauline Hanson or One Nation on their web site that we can see.

Following our placing the comparison of our claims to those of Left Link they pulled their head in trying to trivialise the serious nature of their association with the ACTU and the ALP. while the web master of the ACTU site tried to refute the claim.

The two coloured tables below compares the recent paths given by

  1. Left Link of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party links to "Nazism" in blue,
  2. while the GWB earlier comparitive claim is of the path from the ALP's home page to Left Link in red.

(Please note in the Left Link post  of link 1 Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party is incorrectly entered below but is as it was on the original Left Link post). The link should be: Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.

Below the tables we will demonstrate quite simply the ignorance or deception (we are not sure which) being displayed by the moderators of Left Link.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Start at Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party home page

Australian Labor Party

Start at  Australian Labor Party (ALP) home page

1. Select Launch of Hanson's One Nation Party (Final link associated in any way with One Nation Party) 1. Select  "Where to look" link (ALP web site)
2. Select last link on this page - Australian Conservative Politics (no association) 2. Select   "Other sites" link (ALP web site)
3. Select alt.links (no association) 3. Select "Australian Council of Trade Unions" (ACTU Home Page)
4. Select David Moss' Australian Politics Page (no association) 4. Select  "Links" link (ACTU Links page)
5. Select Scroll down the page until you come to National Action (no association) 5. Select "Leftlink - Broad Left VIC" link (ACTU National Organisation)

Control over links by party associates:

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party:

At link number 1 (Launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party) you have left any contact whatsoever with any organisation directly associated with the party in any way whatsoever.

Australian Labor Party:

At all times in this process you are being given links by the ALP and its associates through web sites under their control. To be correct we should actually say "Labor's One Click to anarchy" - ie from the ACTU Links page!

At link number 4 ("Links" link) you are on a page maintained by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) of which the ALP is the political arm. The ACTU recognised LEFT LINK (link 5) as a "national organisation" up until July 1997. The change to this page came after Pauline Hanson's One Nation press release "Labor's 5 clicks to anarchy".

This page and the comments above prompted the following response from the webmaster of the ACTU web site on the day this page went up - 15th August 1997. In desperation the ACTU webmaster also tried to suggect to the Queensland Times that One Nation publicised "Nazism" using the Left Link thinking (above).

From this we can presume that the links between webmasters (ACTU and Left Link) are closer than previously thought - making the already ridiculous arguement that they had no connection even more far fetched - Walt Disney stuff....

For archived reference purposes there are copies of the original pages of:

LEFT LINK and the ACTU Links page as of 10th July 1997 when Labor's 5 clicks to anarchy were first revealed. We are displaying these for the public record to ensure that no further subtle changes are orchestrated (such as the recent removal of the words NATIONAL ORGANISATIONS from the ACTU links page).

We hold hard copy proof of the above original LEFT LINK and ACTU web pages.

Visit Left Link's cover-up post which makes the claim about One Nation's "5 clicks".

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