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Background: The desires of these extremist groups to be recognised as bonafide families are being pushed by Cheryl Kernot - who recently joined the Australian Labor Party.

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Freedom Socialist Party November Calendar

80th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution Freedom Socialist Party Meeting Thursday 6 November, 7 pm The Once And Future Soviet Union As the twenty-first century approaches, historians are turning their minds to the important events of the last hundred years. In any objective analysis, the 1917 Russian Revolution must top the list of social transformations of the twentieth century. The workers and peasants of the Russian Empire tossed aside feudalism and capitalism in a political earthquake, the aftershocks of which are still shaking the foundations of imperialist rule.

On the eightieth anniversary of the Russian Revolution join us in a discussion about how the creation of the former Soviet Union shaped global politics. We'll analyse the collapse of European Stalinism, the importance of defending Cuba and other remaining workers' states, and the need for the working class to again rise to the challenge of building a planet-wide socialist society. And we'll toast the heroic women of St Petersburg, whose defiant stand against war and starvation launched the century of revolutions.

A delicious Russian dinner will be served at 6.15 pm for a $5 donation. Refreshments available. It's at xxxxxxx Salon, 1 Appleby Cres, West xxxxxxx. All welcome!

Act today!
Protest police spying!
The Freedom Socialist Party and our sister organisation, Radical Women, are amongst the hundreds of community organisations illegally spied on by Victorian Police. These activities must be confronted and the Police held accountable by elected community bodies. We have joined the groundswell of opposition and need your support. We ask you to submit a complaint to the Ombudsman. Contact us for a copy of this form.

xxxxxx Festival
xxxx Street, Northcote
Sunday 9 November, 10 am - 8 pm

Drop by our stall at the xxxxx Festival. Browse our wide range of Marxist and feminist literature. Take out or renew your subscription to the Freedom Socialist. Sign the Homodefactos petition demanding equality for same sex partners. Talk to delegates recently returned for the Radical Women/Federation of Cuban Women International Feminist Brigade to Cuba. Find out more about the Progressive Labour Party. Join the Campaign Against the Nazis Rapid Response Network.

Want to help staff the stall for an hour or two? Call Peter on xxxx-5065.

Contact us at
PO Box xxx West Brunswick Vic 3055.
Phone/Fax 03-xxxx-5065.
E-mail: fsprwaus@xxx.com.au

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