Subject: LL:Anti-racist picket

Background: response to John Howard's ten point plan on Wik. Will the Ipswich and Brisbane City Council's now ban Liberal Party meetings in council buildings as a result...

Media release
from Campaign Against Racism November 21, 1997 Campaign Against Racism is backing a picket of Liberal Party headquarters on Tuesday, November 25, between 12.30pm and 1.30pm. The picket at 104 Exhibition St in the city has been called by Community and Public Sector Union members at the Victorian state office of ATSIC. Tuesday is when the federal government's Wik legislation will be presented to the Senate. The picket is being called in solidarity with a protest in defence of native title in Canberra that day. CAR spokesperson David Glanz said: "John Howard's Ten Point Plan will crush the very minimal rights enjoyed by indigenous people. "It will transfer millions of hectares of publicly owned land into the hands of billionaire pastoralists. "More and more people around the country are disgusted at this racist land grab. The picket on Tuesday is an opportunity for unionists and anti-racists to show their concern." * CPSU members at ATSIC have also endorsed a Rally Against Racism called by CAR at the GPO at 2pm on Saturday, December 13. Speakers at the rally include Jacqui Geia and Margaret Gardiner from the Mirimbiak Nations, Leigh Hubbard from Trades Hall, and Sid Spindler from Defenders of Native Title (DONT). The rally is being supported by the Jabiluka Action Group, Carlo Carli, Labor state MP for Coburg, the Victorian TAFE Students and Apprentices Network, and green and socialist groups among others. For more information on the picket or rally, contact David Glanz on xxxx or xxxxxxxx

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