Subject: LL:Shock! Horror! Reds come out from under the bed!

Background: Left Link, under pressure, try to trivialise the serious nature of their aiding and abetting the promotion of violence in Australia.

Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 15:48:03 +1000 (EST)
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Shock! Horror! Reds come out from under the bed!

_Australian News_, the right-wing Internet newspaper, published by the group that does Pauline Hanson's Web Site, have unearthed the group that will bring down the established social order in Australia - LeftLink, a web site of the political left.

`It's true' said Peter Ewer, a Director of the New International Bookshop Co- operative, the non-profit organisation that moderates LeftLink. `Pauline's lot have saved mainstream Australia from the Bolshevik revolution we've been planning'.

`You see' he went on `we thought we'd start the overthrow of capitalism by starting up a bookshop, which of course is one of the great lessons we've learnt from Mao Tse Tung. Only we've improved on revolutionary theory by adding a coffee shop, so the the average leftie can also get a decent cafe latte while they're working on the Molotov Cocktails. And it's worked out OK too - we're in Melbourne's historic Trades Hall Council building, Victoria Street, Carlton.'

Peter went on to confirm Pauline's worst fears.

`Only trouble is we lost $700 on the first seven month's trading, so we've had to put the insurgency back a month or two. Of course, that's given One Nation an opening, and haven't they pounced on it!'

_Australian News_ proves the revolutionary threat of LeftLink in no uncertain terms. Just look at some of the links from the LeftLink web page - the Communist Party of Australia, Sinn Fein, the Korean Confederation of Trades Union, Mumia Abu-Jamal (another Black Panther!).

`We're grateful of course, that One Nation has gone so easy on us' said Peter. `Advocates of free speech like Pauline could have exposed the really sinister links on LeftLink - like those to the Brotherhood of St Laurence, the Australian Democrats and the Sydney Morning Herald'.

Peter went on to give the defenders of mainstream values some free advice on how to analyse the revolutionary moment.

`Yep' he explained `we figure if we can bring the Fairfax Press into a a people's front, power will be ours. But no worries Kerry, give us a bit of coverage, and we're open to offers.'

`And come the glorious day' he concluded in the dark voice of the subversive, `all fish and chip owners, up against a wall, pop-pop-pop. Peking Duck's the national dish of the revolution, and don't you forget it.'


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