Subject: LL:Geelong Hanson demo

Background: This post was made on behalf of Militant who played a major role in the violent disruption of the Dandenong branch launch of One Nation. The post was made at a time when the Brisbane Anti-Racism Campaign were identified as plotting a physical assault on Pauline Hanson

Date sent: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 12:41:42 +1000
From: Jenny Campbell
Subject: LL:Geelong Hanson demo

I attended the Geelong anti-Hanson organising meeting last night. Drinks start at 5.00pm Friday at the South Barwin Civic Centre, so the organisers are prepared for the demo to start then. Parking will be limited. Many from Ballarat and the Western District are also coming to protest. Pauline Hanson is expected between 5-6pm and will probably enter from the back, which will be heavily protected by police.

Jenny Campbell

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