Subject LL: QLD protest against One Nation.

Background: Post on Left Link by ARC (Brisbane Anti-Racism Campaign) to gain support for a protest from members for Gold Coast launch Tuesday 3rd June 1997.

This group allegedly planned a physical assault on Pauline Hanson.

Below is an exact reproduction of the post sent by Terry Symonds of the ARC (Anti-Racist Campaign) in Brisbane to people via the Leftlink web site on the Internet.


The Brisbane Anti-Racist Campaign will be organising a rally outside the Gold Coast launch of the Pauline Hanson One Nation Party.

The ARC has organised several rallies and marches against racism over the last six months, including a march of 5,000 people through Brisbane last November. It is an umbrella group comprising community groups, unions and individual members of various communities.

At a meeting in Brisbane on Monday, June 2, the ARC decided to publicly protest the Gold Coast stage of Hanson's travelling roadshow. She will be speaking on Tuesday, July 1, at 7.30pm at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, Bundall rd, near Chevron Island. The ARC has advertised a protest outside beginning at 5.30pm.

Buses and other transport will be arranged from Brisbane and details finalised at the next meeting of the ARC at 6pm, Monday June 16. The meeting will be on the second floor of the ACTU building, 16 Peel St, Sth Brisbane.

These meetings are open and all supporters of the campaign are invited to attend and help to organise this and other events.

To contact the ARC.....


Terry Symonds,
ARC (Brisbane)

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