Subject: LL:class war available on line

Background: Here we have a link to a group advocating violence to overthrow our way of life.

From: (Steve Wright)
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 08:13:26 +1000
Mailing List:


A message from Britain that may be of interest . . .

Class War no.73 is now available on line.

it's the last issue to be produced by the recently existing class war federation (of which I was/am a member). There may be one, ten, a hundred Class war's springing up any day now but I doubt it, (anyway it would play havoc with my filing system).

The main piece of the paper is an open letter to revolutionaries, including a bit of self criticism of Class War. Being revolutionaries you may well find it interesting, and I would be very interested in any feedback/comments as the paper is part of an ongoing process.


ps big cheers go out to Andrew for putting it on his pages.

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