Background: Steven Jolly, of Militant fame, had claimed that the Geelong Rally against One Nation would be the biggest protest since the Vietnam war.

This in the week that allegations regarding a planned attack on Pauline Hanson was being organised by the Brisbane Anti-Racism Campaign.

Date sent: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 13:48:20 +1000
From: Sandra Bloodworth
Subject: LL:Hanson in Geelong

There will be a mass leafletting this Thursday 17 July outside Flinders St station to help build the anti-Hanson demo in Geelong this Friday.

Meet outside the main entrance from 4pm onwards.

If you need a lift to the Geelong demo, Socialist Alternative has organised a number of buses to leave from 4.30pm onwards. Meet outside the Elizabeth St entrance to Flinders St Station. There will also be some cars leaving later up until 5.30pm, but spaces will be limited. So please book tickets via email or by phoning 9427-7274. Cost is $8/4.

The demo starts in Geelong at 6pm at the South Barwon Civic Centre, cnr Reynolds Rd & Princes Highway.

Personally I found the Geelong demo incredibly inspiring. Large numbers of local working class youth really wanted to have a go at the Hansonites and the cops. This is reflected in the fact that the three young guys charged with assault by the police were all locals from Doveton & Dandenong. In the current media climate they stand to be crucified. Whatever people may think of what they did they need to be defended as people fighting back against racism.

Mick Armstrong for Socialist Alternative

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