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Black Panther terrorist

Background by Marg Hutton who moderates this Left Link newsgroup:

From: Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 11:19:55 -0400 (EDT)
Mailing List:

[Lorenzo Ervin has posted the following message to Leftlink in response to the announcement of the DSP's anti-censorship campaign which was posted to the list on Saturday.

While Leftlink is not a discussion list, I am posting this because people may be interested in Lorenzo's unique perspective on the issue of free speech in Australia.

If people wish to continue this debate, perhaps they could do so on Interlink - the NSW Left discussion list moderated by Alister Air - (Interlink on

Marg Hutton]


I think the issue with fascists like Hanson is that we not buy into any "consitutional" or free speech argument. She is a fascist who has used a fascist paramilitary at many of her meetings - National Action - to incite violence. [...] She is not just an individual, but a government official who has access to mass media, government support, the police and military. This debate about her free speech is merely an inter-ruling class struggle over how best to push her career to obtain outright fascism. They (John Howard and Pauline Hanson) are openly talking about special security laws to make it a crime to protest at her events, like the old criminal libel laws the American South had and used against the civil rights movement of the 1960s. They also want to use police power to beat down the protesters as they routinely do here at Klan demonstrations to protect their "rights", including keeping them 80 meters away from the scene of the One Nation talks.

The reality of hypocrisy in this entire free speech debate for fascists is that these matters are never handled with equanimity, by which I mean, my right to conduct a speaking tour without government repression, and her right to build a fascist paramilitary movment, incluing the Ku Klux Klan in Northern Queensland which has already attacked several Blackfellas in Mossman, is not the same. But then the whole thing under capitalism is that the rich, and those in favor with the ruling class mainstream philosophy have their voices heard loudest through capitalist mass media, while the most we can say is that they "maybe" will cover us Blacks or radicals at all, but in an extreme biased, sensationalistic way presaging an attack by police or other state agents.

I got tremendous media attention in Australia, but it was designed to demonize, discredit and destroy me. By contrast, the American media has decided to cover the whole thing up, as if it never happened.

My case only became a free speech issue when the Australian masses did not swallow the "national security" propaganda of the state or the racist hysteria of the mass media, and saw it that way. My own ability to fight through this wall of lies, break down the government and corporate arguments, and then erect a defense campaign is why we triumphed there. No other reason.



At 06:16 PM 8/2/97 -0600, Marpessa Kupendua wrote: FORWARDED MESSAGE - What do y'all think of this? Reminds me of Sis. Makani's eloquent argument over the "right" of the Nazis to have a discussion list. Just because it's a "right" doesn't mean it should not be struggled against when it contributes to the systematic oppression and genocide of our people.


[Forwarded message:]
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 13:45:26 +1000 (EST)
Subject: LL:Anti-political censorship campaign

Council bans on One Nation meetings set dangerous precedent Anti-political censorship campaign launched

On July 29, the Ipswich City Council effectively banned the use of council facilities by the racist Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. The next day Brisbane Lord Mayor Jim Soorley said he fully supported Ipswich Council's decision and that the Brisbane council would also deny use of its buildings to One Nation.

Ipswich Council said that its decision was made because of concerns about damage caused by "violent" demonstrations outside One Nation meetings but Soorley says his ban is motivated by Hanson's racism and the "division" she is causing in the community.

Like the Howard government's attempt to deport US black activist Lorenzo Ervin, these decisions are serious attacks on freedom of political expression and assembly. They set very bad precedents. Racism can only be defeated politically. This anti-democratic move does not advance the anti-racist movement which we strongly support and are actively building. Restricting the access to council facilities for any political group is political censorship. Censorship merely drives racist ideas underground and makes them harder to defeat...

Some anti-racist activists are campaigning for the ACT government and some other local councils to adopt similar policies. It should be realised that political censorship is more likely to be turned against anti-racists and the left.

Soorley tried to ban the distribution of Green Left Weekly in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall in 1993, and in recent correspondence, ACT Chief Minister Kate Carnell has said that if she banned One Nation from using ACT government-owned buildings, she would have to apply the same ban to the DSP which "could also be labelled an extremist organisation in the minds of many Canberrans".

Anti-racist activists who are opposed to political censorship intend to put their case to local councils and other government bodies considering bans on access to public facilities by any political party. People interested in supporting this campaign should contact Peter Boyle on XXXXXXXX.

Date: August 1, 1997.

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