Subject: LL:Free Socialism classes

Background: Knowing this mob the "affiliated unions" are likely to include the likes of Militant and the International Socialist Party. Interesting that Marxist classes are to be held in and I quote, "Labor College Trades Hall Victoria Street Carlton South". Another ALP fringe area needing investigation... the coersive undermining of the Australian way of life.

From: Jenny Campbell Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 13:23:01 +1000
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Free Classes for beginners

Please note that on Wednesday next (20th of August) at 6.00 p.m. the Labor College (controlled by affiliated unions) will start FREE classes on the Marxist method, basic economics, History of the Labor Movernment, and an introduction to the history of the left plus other topics .. They will run for 4-5 weeks at the Labor College Trades Hall Victoria Street Carlton South . You should enter at the Victoria Street entrance and go down the stairs to your left and turn right . Questions and discussion are welcome and no real prior knowledge is assumed.

Interested, then turn up or phone Chris on XXXXXXXX for more info.

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