Subject: LL:Ervin wins time to talk

Background: Ex-Black Panther Lorenzo Ervin failed to complete his immigration form correctly. The oversight at Australian customs went undetected and Ervin was allowed in.

Angry People are the anarchists who co-ordinated his trip.

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 08:13:14 +1000 (EST)
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Word Matches: ANGRY PEOPLE

_Australian_, 23 July 1997
Ervin wins time to talk

Black activist Lorenzo Ervin will continue his controversial speaking tour of Australia despite being told by the Federal Government yesterday he would not be granted a further extension to prove he was of good enough character to remain in Australia.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock said yesterday no further action would be taken to deport the convicted hijacker until the department advised the minister on the partial response received from Mr Ervin's solicitor.

The department told Mr Ervin's solicitors yesterday the minister would not extend Monday's noon deadline but was still considering his deportation.

Mr Ervin, due to return home within the next week, is meanwhile continuing his speaking tour around Australia at the invitation of anarchist group angry People as planned.

His solicitor Terry Fisher said yesterday despite the extension, the time limit was too short to gather all information needed to answer the minister's questions.

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