Friday 5th June 1998

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Pauline Hanson answers Ray Martin in parliament

Pauline Hanson:

Tonight on A Current Affair, I thought Ray Martin was professional enough to divorce himself from the bias you would expect from his close links with the Aboriginal industry and those who discredit decent Aboriginal Australians with their obvious and grubby grab for money.

I was wrong.

As I have said, "the real objective is not reconciliation, but remuneration".

On the subject of the dreadfully dangerous draft declaration of the rights of Indigenous people and my parallel of the plans for Australia and the Canadian experience with Nunavut, I was somewhat taken aback that the Indigenous nature of Nunavut could possibly be questioned.

If Ray Martin has some communication from the Canadian government denying the true nature of Nunavut, then I suggest the people of this Indigenous state are at odds with the Canadian government.

Any doubt of this position can be clarified by simply turning to the internet and typing in the addresses for Nunavut.

My staff will happily make this address available to anyone interested in the truth, or at least the truth according to the people of Nunavut.

Some examples of what you will find.

I quote, "In 1999, the Inuit of the Nunavut area of Canada's Arctic will take on the responsibility of managing their own affairs, and those of the non-Inuit also living there".

Certainly sounds like the Inuit Eskimos are clear on where they stand.

Does Ray Martin seriously believe the Canadian government just carved out 350,000 square kilometres of free hold land for just 24,000 people just for the fun of it.

As for Mr Jull, his involvement in these matters is also hard to deny considering even just these snippets of available information.

He was the research director of the Nunavut constitutional forum which negotiated the establishment of Nunavut.

His work in the office of Indigenous Affairs in Queensland.

His association with the north Australia research unit and the obvious use of his work by the Cape York Land council.

At the very least Mr Jull's work has been the blueprint for the Aboriginal Industry's plans for an Indigenous state in Australia.

Mr Speaker,

There is much much more but this at least is enough to question the value of negotiating the draft declaration on the rights of Indigenous people and its ramifications for other Australians.

Good on ya Pauline! Shame on you Ray Martin...

For the record A Current Affair could not find the references to Nunavut so, on request, I was able to offer a helping hand to Simon Hobbs in Sydney.

Queensland Times debate - meet the candidates (of Ipswich)

Quite a night.

One Nation candidate for Ipswich, Heather Hill, nearly boycotted the event; Channel 7 released the results of a survey putting Labor's primary vote at 40% with One Nation at 26%; Labor's Ipswich West Candidate Don Livingston's daughter challenged Heather Hill on "where her accent originated from" (Heather was born in Australia) after the debate; and the hall was full of Labor-based Dorothy Dixes with National candidate Sue Wykes summing it up with the following comment directed to Don Livingston:

"Gee Don, you must have done well at exam time, you had that answer written down before you were asked the question."

The images below are of the candidates and journalists from the Queensland Times. About sixty people attended the evening.
One Nation's State Leader,
Heather Hill, starred.
Labor man David Hamill, touch to smart Labor man Don Livingston, now ain't I sweet... National's Sue Wykes always makes sense Green's Desiree Mahoney, "giggles", Hamill's influence? Independent Steve Wilson wasn't sure which day of the week it was. Queensland Times editor Mark Hinchliffe, unbiased despite claims. Queensland Times political reporters, Mark Strong, Tony Moore and Robert Hoge. Questions and answers... performed well.

It was good to be there, especially as One Nation had originally  boycotted the event because of concerns of political bias against the party by Queensland Times editor, Mark Hinchliffe during the debate. It gave me the opportunity to see the other side of politics. The allegations against Hinchliffe proved to be unfounded at this event.

The room was full of Labor stooges who made disparaging remarks from time to time, but were generally well-behaved. Each candidate was given five minutes to present their case. This they did without much ado. Hamill's infatuation with employment made my blood curdle after the impact of Labor policy in going to bed with the multinationals on treaties like the FSIA - which has cost over 40,000 banking staff their jobs.

Following the presentations the journalists asked the candidates questions and then the floor was opened with Dorothy Dixes flying faster and harder than porky pies in state parliament.

The creme de la creme was the incident referred to above involving Don Livingston - the Labor candidate in Ipswich West.

Heather Hill performed extremely well, surprising everybody including Mark Hinchliffe by being there.

David Hamill displayed the credentials of what is wrong in politics today dodging questions and going off into half-baked answers filled with gratuitous remarks on how wonderful he was. His performance was pitiful and full of personal abuse when questioned by a One Nation supporter, abuse of course is normally the language of the intellectual cripple... the cap fits well.

Congratulations to the Queensland Times. It was a well presented, managed and fair evening, even if the Labor candidates looked like Tony Barlow dolls all stuffed up with nowhere to go.

Alan Jones speaks out on One Nation and media distortion.

Channel 9's Today programme, 5th June 1998:

Its all very well for leaders of major political parties to speak in the most vituferous language about Pauline Hanson. Its another thing to examine what she said in the Parliament last Tuesday afternoon, June 2nd.

It starts in Hansard on page 4209. Forests have been cut down to talk about her but there has been precious little debate about it. What concerns me is Hanson mentioned the United Nations Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Does it exist, why hasn’t it been debated? Is it to be signed as she says by the year 2004? Why haven’t we been told? Is it another treaty like the Multilateral Agreement on Investment? Why is the electorate kept in the dark?

She called the treaty a permanent fixture of division. Few would disagree. She called it a treacherous sell out of the Australian people. Few would disagree. She said that it was the initiative of internationalists with no loyal commitment to our country, few would disagree.

She said that Article 3 says the indigenous people must have the right to self-determination, she asked whether self-determination meant self-government. She asked did it mean dedicated Aboriginal seats in parliament as was recently suggested by state politicians in New South Wales.

She said that Article 27 spoke of the right to the restitution of land, territory and other resources and Article 30 required countries to get a free and informed consent from indigenous people before approving projects.

Does this thing exist? Why hasn’t it been debated? Is it to be signed? It is no good dealing with Pauline Hanson in the language of abuse. If she has alerted the country about yet another international treaty that we no nothing about then she has done the public a service.

Yes it exists alright.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: Ray Martin chokes on Humble Pie.!

Dear Sir ,

I nearly didn't watch A Current Affair after last night's blatant hatchet job....but Boy! am I glad I did!!!!

That "grinning creampuff" is probably still brushing the crumbs off his $3000 suit ,after the biggest serve of HUMBLE PIE ever ordered into Channel nine, landed on his desk, along with the order to eat the lot in Public!!!

What entertainment!!! What a beauty!!

Ray Martin....champion of the Politically Correct ....Hanson slayer and cultural vigilante, merciless millionaire interrogator of red heads, stepped in it up to his pampered neck.

I remember thinking last night, as he announced the "interview " with Pauline early in the program, that he looked mighty happy with himself, no doubt, as he contemplated the cutting up, yet again, that he was going to dish up to her.

Oh , how he relished the job he did!! How smug he was!!

What hilarity !!!!

What beautiful irony .....that we and our outrage have delivered!!!

Raymond will NOT forget this one in a hurry!!

We can only dream about Kerry Packers invective toward his grovelling gofer when he realised that Raymond had managed to deeply offend a huge proportion of Kerry's paying customers, so deep in fact that they were vowing in droves to never watch the program, or anything else on nine, ever again!

Jamming the switchboards with outrage!

Packer has now, well and truly, sniffed the breeze and detected the unmistakable scent of Hanson Power.

As his tongue slides around those thick lips, the sly sidewards glance back to little johnny howard will be heavy with cold calculation.

It is going to be a long, hard, winter for some.

Steve Nichols

Subject: Ray Martin...fearless Frontline crusader

Dear Sir,

In scenes straight from the Frontline comedy series, Ray Martin tonight played the shifty eyed, squirming dog, to perfection.

Power on, Pauline.

Best wishes

Subject: Re A Current Affront (sorry, Affair)

To Ray Martin.

What pile of Kerry Packer's droppings have you had you head buried in?

You are WAY TOO LATE, MATE The Spanish Inquisition ended hundreds of years ago.

Get with the program Ray, or at least get with another program, because you have completely discredited the one you front now.

Jason (a NEW ON voter, and an EX current affair watcher)

Subject: Re: Pauline Hanson's speech in parliament

I passed on the speech to Howard Sattler, who put the speech on his web page. Howard Sattler is a radio announcer, who is very much on side.

I'd think it a good idea to have the Qld One Nation Leader on TV, especially in the leadup to the Qld election. She come over much better than Pauline, and with good Qld results the Federal election effort can use the Qld results as a springboard... I believe Pauline was unfairly treated by Ray Marten, and the Qld leader would have received more respect.




A Current Affair
Channel 9 News
Fax (02) 9439 1461

Attention: Ray Martin

Dear Ray



I was appalled by the manner you chose to interview (attack) Pauline Hanson on last nights program.

Like many Australians I have enjoyed the entertainment you have provided over the years both as a current affairs presenter and the host of the Midday Show. It saddens me to witness the demise of your journalistic ethics in what must be seen as a biased and calculated attack on not just Pauline Hanson, but on the tens of thousands of ordinary Australians who dare to support her.

Ray have you ever stopped to think that the average Australian has had a gut full of arrogant, self serving career politicians and their party politics?

Yours sincerely
Ken Hunter

Subject: Open Challenge to Tony Wright!


Tony Wright, chief political correspondent of the 'Melbourne Age' in an article in 'The Age' of 4/6/1998(Features Section) takes issue with Mrs Pauline Hanson's speech to the Federal Parliament on 2/6/1998.

Tony Wright claims his article is a 'critical analysis' of Mrs Hanson's speech.....

elsewhere in that edition of 'The Age', it was claimed that political advisor to Mrs Hanson(David Oldfield) was, in fact, Mrs Hanson's de facto speech writer.

Doubttless Mr Oldfield would claim that many of Tony Wright's rebuttals were inaccurate, illogical and _just plain wrong_....a charge Tony Wright levels at Mrs Hanson. Will Tony Wright have the 'guts' to 'come out' from behind his media friends and the seemingly limitless space of his column and

(a)confront Mr Oldfield in full and fair public debate[for instance:'Lateline', on which Mr Oldfield has already appeared];
(b)allow Mr Oldfield right of reply in the 'Opinion' section of 'The Age' or
(c)kindly provide some more detail on why Mrs Hanson/Mr Oldfiele think:
[i]certain UN treaties are a direct attack on Australia's sovereignity;
[ii]Mr Jull has a somewhat more significant part to play in Aboriginal issues than some sort of etheral presence;
[iii]there are many people(some of them probably whiter than Tony Wright!) claiming to be 'Aboriginal' in order to hop on board the 'Aboriginal gravy-train';

Your prompt reply will be eagerly anticipated

Sincerely/ Jim

Subject: I'm with you

Congratulations, why is it that you are the only person that is listening to what the people are saying & feeling. Surely it is not all that difficult for "others" to accept, that you are actually listening and acting on behalf of the people in Australia. Good on you, all the best for the soon Qld election. You are going to rock the boat with the results I'm sure. You certainly deserve the swing that has got to come, the people are fed up with the false promises that we have been served up, including the antics in Parliament, its disgusting, in fact I am listening to Parliament vide radio, as I try to put some words of support & good wishes into this E-mail. I am 55 old, I live in Sydney, ALL the persons of age 40 up with whom I work have said firmly they support you & will support you at the ballot box. The younger ones are non committal. I hope our Qld cousins turn out in force. thank you.

John Coleman

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

The main stream "media" conveniently forget the story of the couple who where attacked by armed crims. The man managed to shoot back with a rabbit rifle he had. He frightened the cowards off, but ended up in a wheel chair. Howard{the dork}has now denied us this basic right to self defence


Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

I have just read Pauline's speech and agree with every word. The pathetic attempts by the media the two Ts to denigrate Pauline and One Nation are really becoming tiresome. Roll on the elections. I suspect that the Hanson bashers are in for quite a shock. I sincerely hope I am right.

Best wishes,

Subject: Poll


Good news from WA. Local radio station finally acknowledged the One Nation existence and conducted a Internet poll about people in WA voting for One Nation in the next election. 82% said they will vote for One Nation. On top of this every listener who call the open line said that, they will vote for One Nation.

Keep it up.

Martin Lebedinsky

More letter at this link.....

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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