Launch of One Nation in Tasmania

report by Gray Hodge

Pauline Hanson recently completed her first visit to our shores. The busy schedule included three centres, Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone.

My role was to liaise with Chester Sommerville, of the Concerned Voters Assoc. in Hobart and organise the Ulverstone event.

The first meeting in Hobart went very badly. While I was not there in person, we received reports back of the meeting being totally hijacked by protesters. I know the feeling, recently, at a public rally we conducted against the abolition of anti-sodomy laws, we experienced the same violence and intolerance that minority groups seem able to throw at those who do not share their views.

We were able to identify some of the same people at both meetings who were responsible for starting the trouble. This confirms the belief that there are those whose job it is to start the shouting.

The Hobart rally ended soon after the police, for reasons best known to themselves, opened the doors to allow a rush of about 400 angry protesters into the building. This had their desired effect of stopping the meeting.

Learning from that experience, the Launceston meeting and our own at Ulverstone were better prepared. The introduction of a five dollar entrance fee gave us more control over who was and who was notable to gain access to the meeting.

The Ulverstone meeting was very orderly, while there were the usual rabble outside, inside the building was protester free, which allowed Mrs Hanson to speak freely.

Our aim was to allow the people of Tasmania to hear Mrs Hanson for themselves, and not through a biased media. This was finally achieved and while the media refuse to see it, I believe it was a great victory for freedom of speech in Tasmania.

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Letters received:

Subject: Support Report

Maybe you do not have a copy in Ipswich of the Melbourne Sun-Herald with the front page report with the large picture of the protestor screaming and pointing his gloved finger at the Pauline Hanson Hobart meeting.

However, I noted the same man was used on one of the TV broadcasts. So, it is possible the same picture has been widely distributed.

If you can possibly peruse this picture, please look carefully at what he has on his neck. There are leads attached to what appears to be earphones. Being in Hobart, maybe most people thought they are ear-muffs against the cold as I did initially. But then I looked more carefully to see the leads going under his coat.

One unfortunate conclusion is that he has a walkie-talkie system and is being instructed where to stand and what to do.... for the media??

If you agree with this interpretation, you may not only like to refer to it in your Home Page, but also pass it on to Stuart Littlemore (Media Watch on the ABC) since he may act on it.


11th May 1997

Subject: Launch of One Nation at Hobart

Hi everyone,

I'm one of the people that attended a very successful meeting in Launceston yesterday, There were approx 300 protesters (they were expected)there were over 3000 who went to hear what Pauline had to say, Many of those who only went to hear what she had to say became ardent supporters of the ONP after being abused, hit, pulled, spat on,etc.

I was amazed at the vast range of people who actually attended the meeting there was a mix of older people,ex polititians, younger families, aborigines, asians, and many ethnic type people, although there were a few disruptions during the meeting. Which by the way, was made a private meeting by charging those attending an entrance fee, definately the way to go. Over 3000 paid, providing these people with the necessary protection, these same 3000 gave standing ovations to the police every time there was a disruption and the offender removed.

It is very apparent to me that people are interested and agree that that it is time for change before the discrimination against White Australians escalates to the extent it has in New Zealand, forcing them to leave their country. And for information only, New Zealand has given so much to the Native New Zealanders that there is little left for the white people, forcing them to move to Australia, where they see the same thing happening here.

I will be sending off my application form today as I'm sure will many others who were there yesterday.

Good luck Pauline, Please don't give in to threats, there is a huge majority of Australians behind you. and I would like to offer any help or assistance that I or my family could provide.


Subject: Launch of One Nation in Tasmania

One look at the attire and behaviour of the demonstrators makes me wonder if it would'nt be better to waste my tax moneys on someting alse, rather than keeping that rabble in their universities or wherever they choose to spend the money us hard-working middle Australians provide for them with the taxes we pay.

Hopefully that will change after the next election, and it will, if enough middle of the road Australians wake up in time. If they don't wake up soon, it may be too late. Come to think of it, it may be too late already.


Subject: Launch of One Nation in Tasmania

Heard on ABC Radio about 1:30 pm that 'The Provisional Aboriginal Government's' (????????!!!!!) representative Michael Mansell (didn't he, some time back, visit that well known philanthropist Gaddaffi, to ask him to lean on Australia?) said today that they had released their own passports, which he said the Federal Government was legally and morally obliged to recognize!!!!

AND....I guess we need not hold our breath waiting for the media, or the government, to point to this as a breathtaking example of dividing up Australia! No doubt, however, the media, and the government, will continue to point to Pauline Hanson as dividing up Australia!! BTW, when facing gung ho reporters like McKeow, Pauline should know their only interest is in discrediting her. Pauline is the only politician going round that has courage and honesty. To the McKeow's of this world she should just say that she doesn't claim to have all the economic answers (which politician does, or ever has!) but she is using her own common sense. Add that to the courage and the honesty and that's all she needs. Cheers.

Subject: Launch of One Nation in Tasmania

Congratulations on providing an avenue for people to access the facts about the One Nation party. Keep up the good work.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation in Ulverston - Tasmania

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