The launch of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party
11th April 1997

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The views expressed here are solely those of the writer and in no way represent those of the Pauline Hanson One Nation party. They are recorded here to keep a record of what happened that night in Ipswich... from an Aussie's point of view. The speech, however (see link below) is recorded in this link without commentary.

It was a perfect autumn evening, the sun setting over the hills west of Ipswich as I drove up to the Ipswich Civic Centre. The only unusual aspect about the city at this time was a line of television vans, aerials erected in readiness to send broadcast signals back to home base. It was close to 6pm... and soon the first protestors had started to mill around outside the entrance.

This was to be the first of many action-filled launches around the country.

The protesters

There were some acts of violence and abuse handed out without provocation by protestors who arrived by bus. I saw it. I experienced it. But the mainstream media will never report on it.

Pauline Hanson arrives

Ms Hanson was pelted by the protestors (about 200 in all) with placards and had to run, despite the presence of the police, from her car to the Hall.

Speech - Pauline Hanson - Launch of One Nation - 11th April 1997

The enigma that is Pauline is that she is "just an Aussie" - but on the fast-track to becoming the Evita Peron of Australia. The people loved her, her speech was powerful and a far cry from her first timid statements when she first got elected to the Federal Seat of Oxley as an Independent last year.

Personal summary on the evening.

Sadly, Pauline Hanson is correct - we are not One Nation, but we need to be.

Full transcript of Pauline Hanson's Maiden Speech - 1996.

A moving moment, worthy of the launch of a major new Australian party.

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