Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Industrial Relations Policy Summary

Released: 27th September 1998

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One Nation will ensure all employees are adequately represented, and that state and federal governments establish minimum conditions to protect Australian workers. Membership of unions will continue to be voluntary. No money will be appropriated from union dues to a political party, without the permission of the union member. The financial reports of unions are to be available to members in the workplace.

Workplace Agreements

The benefits to employees and employers from enterprise bargaining are recognised. One Nation will ensure award wages and conditions continue to under-pin all work place agreements. All agreements should be written in plain English. Any preference based on race will be excluded from contracts and agreements. The inclusion of a ‘spread of hours’ is supported where appropriate. Wage rises other than minimum wage levels should be negotiated between employers and employees at an enterprise level.

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

The role of the A.I.R.C. is supported. One Nation will include in the AIRC’s charter an obligation to encourage the pursuit of higher productivity, low inflation and the cessation of restrictive work practices. Penalties for breaches by employers will be increased. The right to strike is supported, but only as a last resort. Anti-strike legislation will be supported in relation to essential services to protect the public and the nation interest.

Sick Leave

Incentive programs to enable employees to be paid unused accrued sick leave entitlements are supported.

Worker’s Compensation

The privatisation of Workers’ Compensation agencies will be considered where appropriate, with the proviso that majority ownership must remain Australian. The tightening up of claim criteria, and of the audit, investigation and policing of fraudulent claims and abuse of entitlements is supported.


Job applicants will be protected from the loss of self-esteem which follows constant rejection when they apply for jobs which they have no chance of securing - employers will have the right to advertise specifically for the person they wish to employ; but discrimination based on race will not be tolerated.

Unfair Dismissal Laws

Greater flexibility in unfair dismissal laws for small business is needed. Employees will have the same rights to leave the employer as the employer has to dismiss the employee. Notice will still be given as will pay in lieu.

Employee Participation

Employee participation in business planning and other activities such as the selection of new employees is supported and encouraged.

Employee Protection and Business Failure

Employees’ entitlements will be met before those of any other creditor in the event of business failure. Employees of big business, or foreign-owned companies will be protected by compulsory insurance, a compulsory trust fund, or similar. Security of payment methods will be introduced where needed to provide similar protection to sub-contractors and suppliers.

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