Speech - Heather Hill

Family Law Court – Child Support Scheme

18th September 1998

Pauline Hanson’s ONE Nation believes that safe, secure and happy societies require as a guiding principle, strong functional family units. ONE Nation considers governments should recognise this basic principle and adopt responses that are aimed at long term family stability.

Pauline Hanson’s ONE Nation has recognised the very significant distress suffered by families with children who have been traumatised through divorce. We are concerned for those non - custodial parents who through government mismanagement and ineptitude have been forced to relinquish their rights to parenthood.

The continued application of outdated cultural values which underlie the perception that the female is the "best’ primary care giver and decision maker must be challenged. Men are good parents and should be afforded equal opportunity to gain joint custody of their offspring. Currently males seem to be penalised for earning the family income by denying them equal opportunity to become the custodial parent after family breakdown.

The following principles will be adopted by ONE Nation to rectify unjust applications from the Family Law Court and Child Support Agency.

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