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Saturday 8th August 1998

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Between the One Nation lines

For those One Nation members who had the pleasure of meeting the now infamous bodyguards who protected Pauline Hanson last year you would be surprised at the inference now being labeled on them by a hostile media and a Federal MP.

Image right: As close as you will get to seeing Henry, Jock or Simon on GWB's pages - a picture taken by Henry of myself with Vanessa Stewart, Heidi Lewis and Barbara Hazelton at Hervey Bay in November 1997.  

The News Limited Courier Mail are making much of the comments by Senator Amanda Vanstone who said that the three bodyguards, Henry Albiez, Jock Winton and Simon Mullins were transferred to other duties because they lacked professionalism. They were Pauline Hanson's shadow during much of 1997 after a number of death threats were received.

In the latest media blow-up the professionalism of the three is questioned because they danced with Pauline Hanson when she visited the Penthouse nightclub on Surfer's Paradise.

The Courier Mail asked Henry Albiez's wife how she felt about that. She said, "They have to provide her with whatever protection is necessary. Henry did his job professionally as he was trained to do and that was it."

She said that comments that Henry had become too close to Mrs Hanson "were laughable".

Pauline Hanson's political adviser David Oldfield said, "Pauline did not discriminate. I remember her dancing with everybody in the group, which included police and friends. Pauline used to work at the Penthouse and was very comfortable there. That's why she used to go there."

Oldfield confirmed that the three bodyguards relationship with Mrs Hanson was close but strictly professional. He claimed that they had been removed because they became supporters of the One Nation party.

When  the three were removed I can now reveal that for several months Pauline Hanson was so incensed that she refused to have federal police protection.

For the record the bodyguards protecting Pauline Hanson were not only totally professional whenever I met them or saw them with Pauline both during or after rallies - and at social events but they also soon became firm friends of the woman who has turned Australian politics on its proverbial head.

Final word from Australian Federal Police Association Industrial Officer Craig Shannon who attacked Amanda Vanstone for making a public comment. He said that the "sloppy commentary" had cast a shadow over federal agents.

Hanson inherits role bequeathed by Ned Kelly and Peter Lalor

Article by Lawrie Kavanagh, Courier Mail

Here is an extract:

In 10, 12 or 20 years, when its safe for governments to reflect on failures that have cost taxpayers their jobs, their families and sometimes their lives, you simply shrug your shoulders, look concerned and say in hindsight you wouldn't do it again.

I get that feeling when I think about honest hard-working Australians who have lost their jobs or businesses because of wrong decisions by all governments - such as those of the clothing and footwear industries and now the farmers. Sacrificial lambs to the altar of academia's grand theories and best guesses. In such changing times, sacrifices must be made… as long as it's not me or mine.

It's all about moving with the times, see… globalisation, rationalisation, big pictures, pictures so big they obliterate individuals. Huh! What's that? Individuals? Oh yeah, they're those silly things like ants scurrying off screen. They didn't quite make it to the big picture. Well they're only workers after all.

Schools out for Resistance

The Communist youth brigade of the Democratic Socialist Party, Resistance, is planning another rally through the streets of Brisbane on 28th August. Their "leader", Mighty Mouse, seen here right at One Nation's recent Nicholas Street rally, has about as much intestinal fortitude as a frozen pea - a fact which became blatantly clear in a verbal confrontation on Nicholas street. 

This time, Mighty Mouse and Resistance want to focus their attention on the "racist policies" of all major parties - including Labor. A move which has raised squeals of protest from Queensland State (Labor) Premier Peter Beattie who warned students to be wary of the "extreme political party" which was grossly and "deliberately distorting and misrepresenting" the Government to exploit students and build membership.

"I say to parents and more importantly to students, Resistance are not what they claim to be."

Well now isn't that funny Mr Beattie, reports about One Nation have been "deliberately distorted and misrepresented by Laboral and the media since April 1997 - when the party was first launched in Ipswich. Stranger still, but of no surprise, is that Mr Beattie is no Miss Innocent in this department either. Just yesterday he was justifying a junket to Asia by saying that One Nation's rise in Queensland was to blame for the drop in the number of Asian students... of course the financial crisis in Asia has absolutely nothing to do with it now does it?

I wonder if the Labor Party will stop promoting and supporting extremist groups like Resistance now that they are starting to bite at new targets outside the blinkered attacks on One Nation?


"Liberal" law firm quits One Nation "funds" case

Paul Everingham and Co withdrew from a Supreme Court bid to deregister One Nation yesterday and threatened to sue its former client, Terry Sharples, for defamation. Paul Everingham, a former president of the Queensland Liberal Party and chief minister of the Northern Territory, said last night he had been representing Terry Sharples for free.

Sharples, the former One Nation candidate for the Gold Coast seat of Burleigh will now represent himself in the court action, which has already frozen One Nation electoral funds worth nearly $500,000.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court in Brisbane adjourned the matter until Friday next week, when Mr Sharples is expected to make an application to have the trial expedited.

Mr Sharples said yesterday he had "sacked" the legal firm Paul Everingham & Co - Everingham said he had become aware of "critical" remarks made by Mr Sharples and threatened to sue him for defamation. "At all times, this firm has carried out strictly Mr Sharples' instructions," he said.

"Mr Sharples has now terminated his instructions to this firm. He is welcome to do so. We have acted for him on a pro bono basis.

"I will be examining his remarks very carefully and should they be in any way defamatory of my professional reputation, I will not hesitate to institute proceedings to give Mr Sharples the opportunity to justify his criticisms."

Mr Sharples disputed Mr Everingham's claim that his representation was pro bono.

"If Paul (Everingham) wants to get into a fight, well, then let him do it," he said.

Mr Everingham also labelled as "bunkum" a claim by One Nation State director Peter James, made outside the court yesterday, that a "mysterious third party" was funding Mr Sharples' challenge to One Nation's registration. However, one wonders why Everingham's firm, with strong ties to the Liberal Party, would take up this case in the Supreme Court to freeze One Nation funds for free. If this is not a political ploy to try to stifle the party's funding then I am the Pope's nose. Readers might recall the Supreme Court froze nearly $500,000 in electoral reimbursements pending the outcome of the trial, expected next March.

Mr Sharples' fellow disendorsed candidate, David Summers, is expected to withdraw from the court action after claiming his family had been "threatened".

State sponsored multiculturalism no longer serves the interests of the ethnic communities.

Liberal MP Ross Cameron has told his local newspaper, the Fairfax Sun that multiculturalism had been discredited.

“I understand that a lot of time and effort has been invested in promoting the term multiculturalism, but there is a time when you just have to cut your losses,” Cameron told the paper. “State-sponsored multiculturalism no longer serves the interests of the ethnic communities.

“On the contrary, it has now been so discredited both among the ethnic communities and the bulk of the Australian people, that persisting with it positively diminishes the status of new migrants.”

Cameron said he had written to Ruddock suggesting he change the name of his department from the Department of Immigration and Multiculturalism to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to put a greater emphasis on citizenship.

However, a spokesman for Ruddock ruled out an immediate move to change the name of the department.

“We think Immigration and Multicultural affairs is appropriate for this time although you can never say never,” the spokesman said.

Now one has to wonder why the Liberal Party are not being accused of blatant racism - after all an attack on multiculturalism is seen by the politically correct as "racist".

Germaine Greer on Pauline Hanson

Australia's most infamous feminist and author of the 1970s has slammed her 1990s equivalent. Germaine Greer said Pauline Hanson was boosting the chance of the Sydney Olympics becoming a national humiliation because of Aboriginal issues.

Saying it was a shame Ms Hanson's parents ever had sex, Dr Greer said the One Nation leader was providing aggravation for the land rights issue, which was likely to boil over at the 2000 Games.

After opening an exhibition of Aboriginal art at an inner London gallery, Dr Greer said the pity about Ms Hanson's rise in Australia was that there had been nobody strong enough in power to "annihilate her".

"She's not a clever woman," Dr Greer told journalists. "She's not even an intelligent woman.

"The things she says are the things that ignorant people have always said.

"And it's a terrible indictment of Australian education that so many people are prepared to give it mind room."

Dr Greer said nobody was to blame for the emergence of the Hanson cult.

"Pauline Hansons are all over the place," she said. "They pop up like mushrooms. She's nobody's fault except her parents'. If only they hadn't had sex on that particular night.

"She just doesn't know how far out she is. She'd be amazed if you actually took her to the UN and said: "Hey Pauline, these are the people who are trying to run the planet'."

Dr Greer said helped by the One Nation movement and the ongoing tussle over land rights, Aboriginal issues were likely to turn the 2000 Olympics into an episode of "national humiliation".

"If Australia does not face this problem and the problem of its own deep-seeded unconscious guilt, it will never be a happy country," she said.

"And if they don't wise up to the way the rest of the world is regarding what's going on, the Olympic Games are going to be the most enormous humiliation.

"At this moment I cannot see any way that we can avoid it."

One Nation continue to climb in the polls

Support for the Coalition has fallen in Victoria and NSW with One Nation preferences – an increasingly important electoral factor – leaking away from the Coalition, according to two polls by Roy Morgan Research.

The polls found that Labor would have won in both States on a two-party preferred basis if an election had been held in July, so spelling trouble for Mr Jeff Kennett's long reign in Victoria and potentially for the Federal Government's expected October poll.

NSW is expected to go to the polls around March of next year, while Victorians must chose a new government early in the year 2000.

One major feature of the Morgan poll was the continued rise of Ms Pauline Hanson's One Nation party, with its support in NSW at 8.5 per cent in July (up 2.5 per cent since April), rising to 9.5 per cent outside Sydney.

In Victoria, One Nation support was 5.5 per cent, jumping to 11 per cent in country Victoria.

As a result, support for One Nation in NSW was well in excess of the combined vote for the Democrats and Greens, and about equal to the two parties combined in Victoria – albeit with much of One Nation's support being in the country, the National Party's heartland.

As has recently been widely noted, the emergence of One Nation as the third force in many NSW and Victorian seats has made the game of picking likely election results considerably more complicated, especially if the party suddenly decides to start directing preferences.

Although One Nation electoral victories have largely been in Labor seats, most of its supporters have relocated from the National Party and Liberal camps, so analysts have generally expected the majority of One Nation preferences to go to the Coalition.

Although State polling results do not translate very well to the federal sphere, the polls cannot hold much comfort for the Coalition, especially as they indicate the increasing size and likely political clout of One Nation in directing preferences.

Making the news" -
an indepth exposé of media and political collusion at the highest possible levels in Australia.

email the editor

You say:

Subject: How to vote cards

Mr. Howard, a large percentage of the population of Australia can see that you are now just a puppet for the globalist elite and that in the years ahead you and your family will live out a life of luxury from the rewards for your TREASONOUS acts against our country. Meanwhile the quality of life for the average Aussie will keep on falling. You know damn well that One Nation has the genuine interests of Australia and its people at heart. Don't forget that you were once Australian, before greed and corruption got the better of you and you sold your Aussie spirit to the new world order, if there is one ounce of Aussie patriotism left in you, use it to do what is right for our country, make a stand against this evil that is enveloping our land, put One Nation first on the how to vote cards, and support a lib/O.N. coalition, do this and you will probably find that liberal support will u-turn and start to rise again. Do not go down in history as one of the men that destroyed Australia. You have the power to save oz, please do the job you was voted to do and put our interests before that of foreign corporations.

Dave Hall

Subject: Labor Party

Take the 'L' [left wing] and the 'R' [right wing] out of The Australian L "abo" R Party and there's not much left - is there?

Subject: what the pollies arent telling us


I`ve been off the air for over a week, so I may have missed some thing.

I down loaded that file on the validity of our constitution and have passed it around.

Is anyone doing something about it? If so please let me know if I can help. If there isn`t any action being taken, I have a plan. It will require a team effort and timing.

I do not wish to pre-empt other efforts, so I need to know before I take the plunge on my own.

John Hugo

Subject: migration and/or children

This week Kim Beazley came out strongly in favour of increasing Australia's immigration policy. Why? Because Australia has a greying population and there won't be enough workers to keep us. Apparantly Australia's 'fertility rate' is below replacement level and has been for some time.

It is probably true that only migration generates growth now, but surely that is an indictment of government social policy. I would say the lack of children has nothing to do with native Australians' 'fertilty' but a lot to do with bad social policy for too many years. In any case Beazley's statement is not only deliberately simplistic it is deceitful. As if future migrants, especially hard-working but clannish Asian migrants are going to be politically very happy about paying high taxes to support the aged of a nation that was too stupid to look after its own interests.

There would be enough Australians generating economic growth, Kim Beazley, if young couples could afford a house and could afford to have children. But as I recently showed in publishing a precis of Lucy Sullivan's analysis of the current tax + welfare system, breadwinners are hugely over-taxed considering their responsibilities. For too long social policies have been 'vetted' by feminists who certainly do not have the interests of traditional families at heart. They make no bones about their hatred of the much maligned 'nuclear family' of mum, dad and the kids. One of their gurus, Simone de Beauvoir is on record as saying women must never be given the choice to look after their own children because they will always make the 'wrong' choice.

In post-Hanson Australia the arrogance sounds very familiar, dosn't it? By definition elites always know best.

A very few highly-talented women have always wanted and enjoyed totally un-interrupted careers. I think they are mad, but if that is their choice, good on them. But the overwhelming majority of women would prefer to look after their own infants and toddlers. Many women like to keep a foot in their professional or work doors by working part time. Fine. But the feminist agenda is to have all children in creches and child-care centres from birth. That's why they denigrate full-time mothers. When was the last time you saw a positive portrayal of an at-home mother in a TV soapie?

No, the print and electronic media now invariably preface the word 'housewife' with the adjective 'bored'. Let me assure you, the 'bored housewife' is a deliberate media creation. Though the brainwashing has been unrelenting, most young women would still love the chance to be real mothers. Most parents know that the feminist-approved, politically correct concept of 'quality time' is crap.


Subject: Looming One Nation Victory scares off Minister

Everyone in the rural south east of SA knows that Ian McLachlan had no chance of keeping his seat at the next election. This arrogant twit has not even set up an electoral office in his electorate yet, despite his 3 parliamentary terms.

I'm sure that One Nation has already pencilled in Barker as a victory in the pending federal election.

Ian McLachlan was staring defeat in the face, but he didn't have the courage to accept the judgement of his electorate. He decided to run away and hide in disgrace.

But he hasn't changed anything. He is still a loser.

Subject: A couple of thoughts

Dear Editor,

Man (or Woman) slaughter in the workplace was one of the questions in a very recent ABC Lateline Television programme on Occupational Health and Safety.

What would have been quite annoying, to many of the viewers who had experienced personal loss as a result of the death of a family member or a close friend, would have been the detached and quite clinical nature of the discussion.

Australia's media, electronic and print, seeks to entertain rather than to provoke earnest consideration of important issues and so cannot be expected to instigate any significant changes for the better in these matters. Trade and Craft Unions and the local branches of political parties seem to be the ones that are supposed to provide the pressure for change.

Human life (of employees) was clearly portrayed as being merely expendable like any other plant, machinery or materials in the overall conduct of the enterprise. Because the Employer's representative was able to say some comforting words like "the experience in this country is as good as, and often better than, that in comparable countries" (the employers in which are undoubtedly just as interested in greedily making profits at everyone else's expense?). Professional Directors (the corporate policy makers) have never been the ones to have to concern them- selves with such mundane things as occupational health and safety and the bureaucrats in the realm of the Corporate regulators would claim that it was not part of their brief either.

Many, however, would recognize that there is, ever so certainly, a growing culture in which respect for the safety of workers is being subordinated to corporate "viability" (the bottom line?) and "outsourcing" ensures that there is no continuing "memory" of why particular practices are not condoned or permitted in the workplace environment.

Legislators and members of the judiciary nearly all live in a rarified atmosphere that is quite obviously frequently very detached from the "real" world of industry and commerce and so cannot be expected to comprehend the full extent of the risks. It is the deliberate decision of the politicians in this nation to destroy the concepts of long term employment - making workers as insecure as they are or delivering the employers from any liability for payment of long service leave entitlements or some other, less obvious motive perhaps.

Readers, a growing number of people believe, should make it their business to question the ulterior motives and hidden agendas of the business and professional community frequently and to solicit the aid of the media in the process.

J o n M. A x t e n s

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

ON parliamentarians (Qld) have been accused of spreading conspiracy notions which the average australian knows, true, that they dont exist. Any politicion from our ruling class parties will confirm this.

Maybe the Qld ON pollies might like to pose a question re the LETTERS PATENT from "our Queen" held by our Govenor General and state Govenors, and their legitimate status.

My understanding is that LETTERS PATENT are issued to British Subjects who, in turn, present them to a British colony.

My understanding is that our current Govenor General and Govenors are Australian citizens, appointed by mutual cosent of our Laboral parties, to act as a rubber stamp for the party in power. I also believe that Australia is a sovereign nation.

Therefore any LETTERS PATENT, if they do exist, have no authority in this nation.

Our Canadian friends might also check this out. They also became a sovereign nation on 10 January 1920.

John R hugo

ps. Scott if this letter is pre-empting any other action on the validity of our parliaments, please dont print it and let me know. Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

RE: The League of Rights and the Spencers The issue here is what you think of the League. The Spencers have addressed it, as well as Denis McCormack. So has Graeme Campbell. Campbell claims that it is heading towards being a main-stream conservative organisation, and McCormack will have none of the condemnations of the League.

The difference is Alexander Downer addressed a Conservative Speaker's Club, a League division, without having a clue about what it was! He then went cap-in-hand to ECAJ to explain his mistake.

The League made it a story when they proudly flogged the video because Downer had the Liberal leadership at that time. Maybe that's worse...

The League has tried to distance ITSELF from One Nation... Eric Butler said so on TV, so the headline is disingenuous.

Subject: letters and MacKerras

1. I enjoy the variety in the letters, though I agree some a are bit long. Education does not necessarily indicate intelligence, and conversely a lack of education, as shown by bad grammar or poor expression, does not necessarily indicate lack of intelligence.

The range of writing styles and perspectives, along with the cosmopolitan mix that make up anotd correspondents, definitely makes this an interesting and very democratic forum. According to traditional Aussie culture, Jack has always been as good as his master, and rightly so. Let's face it, our sleazy Rhodes Scholarship prime minister couldn't hold a candle to a former train driver one. It's good to let people have their say, and if some are rude they soon enough find out that it's usually counter-productive.

2. Carol, we shouldn't laugh but the illustrious MacKerras opined that One Nation wouldn't win any seats, though perhaps there was an outside chance of them picking up one. True.


Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

Could the real reason that Tim Dither and his clean cut little mate are still boss of the (multi)National party be that Bob Katter and what is left of the real National party know that the (multi)National is a shot duck? And that there is no way the party is ever going to get its reputation back in time for a federal election?

The Curlew.. watching.. ever watching.

Subject: Comments on Australian News of the Day

S. Brown wrote:

>Calling for all Australians to be treated equally when particular minority groups are not at the
>same starting line in society is to perpetuate the continuing unequal status for these Australians (aborigines and

You people still don't get it do you? Pauline is not about stopping welfare and help to people who are "not at the same starting line". She IS about helping people who are not at the same line. It's just that she doesn't want to make race a factor in that decision. Being poor is a good reason to receive help. Being a certain race is not. If aborigines are as poorly as they say they are, they will continue to receive help. But not over and above non-aborigines who are even worse off. Aborigines don't have a mortgage on problems in this country you know.

>By Pauline Hanson's One Nation party claiming these minority groups receive special privileges when
>anyone can see the insignificant amount of special privileges have not improved their lives is to legitimise the

Out of the mouths of babes! No the aboriginal industry HAVE NOT improved their lives. You got that right! So why poor money on a problem when it doesn't help.

>ongoing racial vilification that is still directed by supporters of One Nation towards these people.

What "racial vilification" is that may I ask? I've yet to see any of this. Please point to even one example of a One Nation member doing this.

>But this interventionist stance is doomed to fail as the rest of the world follows the globalisation path in the
>capitalist economy. Trying to create a "socialist' Australia where the government intervenes into the market eg
>tariff protection and state-run banks ( as One Nation economic policy highlights) in a capitalist world will
>impoverish the Australian economy even further. National socialism did not work for Germany so why should it
>work for Australia?

Hmm. Let's see now. Australia once had tarriffs, exchange controls, and state run banks, airlines and phone companies. At that time everybody had a job, inflation was non-existant and Australia was #1 in the world for standard of living.

Then Whitlam and Fraser and Hawke came along and removed all the tariffs and exchange controls. Then they sold all the national assets and encouraged us to do the same. Now we have perpetual high unemployment, periods of high inflation, disasterous balance of payments, and loss of national independance.

Yes Mr S. Brown. Forgive my foolishness. I for some reason thought that those who ignored history were doomed to repeat it. Silly me.

Subject: Mailing List


My name is David Sproule. I'm 19 and i'm from Melbourne.
I would like to join your mailing list.
Although, in a way I wish I had never heard about this website.
I used to be content to be like everybody else and actually BELIEVE what the "Media" says about One Nation and Pauline Herself.
Recently, I have seen what One Nation is saying.
It is NOT racist, anti-asian, anti-aboriginal or against any other minority group. (To the best of my knowledge) Yet everyday I here ignorant people telling that me i'm a racist, because I try to express One Nation's views.
Oh, trust me I do it a with a great deal more truth than the media.

Thanks for your time.


Just a few comments with regards to Harold's post on "culturism" as opposed to "racism".

Harold is quick to note that One Nation supporters are not "racist" but are on the contrary "culturalist", suggesting that their opposition is not to one's skin colour or to one's country of birth, but their objection is to these "outsiders" setting up their own cultures here in Australia. Harold's point is that as long as an immigrant actively assimilates and actively contributes to the country, they are welcome here.

Let me ask this question. What is your definition of assimilation? Does a migrant have to become one with the local populace, adopting all their practices and habits and totally forgetting his heritage to effectively assimilate? That certainly is what Harold seems to be suggesting?

Culture is defined as the conventions, customs and lifestyle of a society. Using this definition, one would also have to incorporate other factors such as ideas, attitudes and cuisine. Does this mean that for every migrant who comes over to Australia he/she must forget all those factors and become a clone of your "average" Aussie? Does this mean forgetting ones usual diet and in the extreme stereotype, adopt the meat pie as one's diet?

Yes, some degree of assimilation should be expected of migrants. Migrants should be expected to adopt their new country as their home and their loyalties given to new home. Old prejudices and other problems should be left in their old countries, and effort should be made to adapt. However, assimilation should not be at the cost of forgetting their heritage. Just because you should fit in with your new home does not mean one has to totally forget ones past. Why can't new arrivals to our fair country keep their heritage and "culture" while adapting and learning from their new culture, adopting new traits and facets as they see best. After all, this would then lead eventually to an enriching of the Australian character and culture. Yes, it does mean an end to the old or as Harold puts it, the "familiar Australian" culture. But it does add and enrich it.

Thus, there is a place for multiculturalism in Australia.


Subject: A letter to the WSJ re. U.S. national debt (8/06/98)

August 6, 1998; 08:56 PM
Ned Crabb
Letters Editor
New York, NY

Subject: A letter to the editor Re. - "Debt Heads," (a WSJ editorial, 8/06/98)

Dear Ned:

I didn't realize that Wall Street bankers owned the Wall Street Journal. Nor that they wrote your editorials. For, your "Debt Heads" editorial (8/06/98) reads as if it had been composed by one of the bankers' "PR" agencies, rather than by a responsible journalist thirsting for the whole truth to be known.

You say that "America's debt burden will shrink every year that the economy grows." That is an absolute falsehood. On two counts. First, because America's humongous debt burden has been expanding, not shrinking in recent years, as have been the debt-servicing payments which the bankers have been collecting from the American taxpayers. Second, because you do not tell your readers what would happen if the economy failed to grow (as seems to be the imminent prospect, given a mere 1.4% rise in the second quarter GDP).

Instead, you engage in mathematical semantics suggesting that our national debt would shrink from a 50.2% of GDP peak in 1994, to 18% in 2008. Yet you never tell us what your underlying GDP growth assumptions are. Nor what the absolute national debt or GDP figures are.

In other words, you're playing a game of smoke and mirrors with numbers.

If, for example, you assumed an unceasing 3% or higher U.S. GDP growth for the next 10 years, my oh my... then maybe it is possible that one day the Mississippi may flow all the way back from Louisiana to Minnesota. Or that the ice will melt in Hawaii. Or that Washington may champion the U.S. taxpayers' interests.

At the very least, your editorial was irresponsible journalism. More likely, it was evidence of the Journal editors' responding to your rich banker neighbors' order to jump with a "how high?" retort.

Shame, shame... And here we thought that the press in America was free and independent. Or was that a paid ad we had read in your newspaper?

Best regards,

Bob Djurdjevic
Truth in Media,
Phoenix, Arizona

Personal trivia, from the global office:

Another perfect day in paradise.

Have a good one.

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