"Call to Arms" - 7th June 1998 by:

devoid of any credibility

Statements and links prepared by Scott Balson in the interests of the public record. How 60 Minutes tried to block me using IRC.... I had to use another server and user ID to get in to just watch. 

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Why last Sunday night's report "Call to Arms" is contrived, dishonest and a disgrace in terms of journalistic ethics. (Reporter Jeff McMullen is an intellectual prostitute)

Quote from One Nation press release on this segment: "This is deceptive and dishonest journalism at its worst and all credible journalists, whatever their personal feelings, should be appalled at 60 minutes' approach. Regardless of what evidence 60 Minutes produce or what they may state, the whole story is a fairytale fabricated without the slightest basis of truth. There is no connection or communication between the United States and Pauline Hanson or One Nation."

Screendump at 2.15pm and Screendump at 3.50pm. Watch how "survey" figures jump, then stop, jump, then stop, as someone at Sixty Minutes manipulates them. In fact 60 Minutes cast about 66% of the current vote (as at Wednesday 10th June) before the show went to air.

See first hand bona-fide voter concerns about a "new world order" being manipulated to the tune of about 3,500 votes, or about 75% of the total vote by someone at Sixty Minutes. "Yes" vote drops from 85% to just 11% just hours before the show goes to air.

Transcript of the 60 Minutes "Call to Arms" segment.

What is behind these devious claims by 60 Minutes? (See the truth firsthand).

Quote: "Today Australians face a real fight to retain their democratic rights in the face of the media moguls. This is the 'real' media-hidden war that is being raged right now with Pauline Hanson being the focus, the enemy. The coming Queensland state and Federal elections are not over 'race' as the media would have you believe, they are over our freedom of speech and democracy which has already being largely destroyed through the concentration of our media."

 Views of an independent media watch critic - 8th June 1998

 Mankind in Amnesia - 10th June 1998

Last night's 60 minutes story on Pauline Hanson and the US militiamen was brilliant. It wasn't brilliant journalism, it was a brilliant corporate hit, less than a week from the QLD elections.

Just what is the UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? (ATSIC's Home Page tell's us and just what did Pauline Hanson say about the treaty in Parliament last week?)

Quote from the UN Draft Declaration: Part VII sets out guidelines for situations in which indigenous peoples exercise their right of self determination through self-government. It recognises the right of indigenous peoples to determine their citizenship, to their own laws and customs, to relations with other peoples across borders, and to treaties and agreements with governments.

What are Pauline Hanson's views on the MAI:

Why wasn't Kerry Packer questioned by Channel 9's Sunday (Sunday 7th June 1998) regarding tax allegations? (Has he paid up?)

Quote from BRW: "Although the listed company has had something of a dream run, privately things have been more difficult. Throughout the year, Packer has been fighting the tax office over disputed assessments served on his private companies. The tax office is seeking $143 million after conducting an extensive audit, and Packer's advice is that he is not liable. Consolidated Press's public discussion on the matter has been a brief disclosure in the accounts, stating that no provision has been made, following legal advice that the company can defeat the tax office in the courts. It is believed that some of the disputed tax assessment relates to claims for money spent on his polo business."

Whatever happened to that April 1997 ABC "4 Corners" expose on one Kerry Packer?

Quote from the ABC report: "Jeff Kennett (Victorian Premier and good friend of Kerry Packer) 20 February 1997: "The only thing that I get embarrassed about, is this patheticness (sic) of The Age and the ABC."

"Mr Kennett is all for Fairfax changing hands. He despises the Melbourne Age. He has told friends that on the day Packer takes over, he will be at The Age handing out pink dismissal slips to journalists."

The Four Corners of Australia's Trojan Horse

Quote Margo Kingston, journalist Sydney Morning Herald, 1997:

"Now when you have a man so powerful that he can buy Graeme Richardson to talk the Labor party around and Michael Kroger to talk the Liberal party around, and Howard and Costello and Alston jump to his every need no matter how irrational, no matter how transparently incoherent their arguments, we have a huge problem. And yes, personally I am very scared, personally, of Mr Packer taking over Fairfax."

Have you considered who recently took over at the helm of Fairfax? Packer's man - Brian Powers.

What Ray Martin failed to ask when interviewing Pauline Hanson on "A Current Affair" about the UN draft declaration on the rights of indigineous peoples.

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